July 16, 2014

Glamorous Gold & Pink Nursery Reveal

Today is the day, friends!
I've been dying to get this blogpost up for months and it's finally time to get it out there!
I'm talking nursery reveal!!!!

Are you as excited as I am? 

Hubby & I have worked so hard on this little room for the past eight months because it was a total monster of a room before. 
And I still can't believe the transformation it's undergone to get to where it is today. 

So be prepared for lots of pictures, friends.
And I'll be sharing a source list directly after this post goes up sharing the details about paint colors, stores & thrifted finds so you know where everything came from. 
I just thought combining all of that with all the pictures would be a bit overwhelming. 
{To see the color names & source list, head over here

So here is sweet Baby M's gorgeous nursery...
I so hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. 

I can't thank my sweet husband enough for all the time & effort he put into it with me. 
He literally brought all the dreams & plans I had on paper and brought them to life with me. 
I'm incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful hubby & daddy to our kids. 

Are you ready???

Here goes...

Even before we knew whether it was a girl or not, I had already decided that gold & pink were going to be nursery colors if it turned out that it was a girl!
I had a harder time thinking of colors for a boy, so I was incredibly excited to get started as soon as we found out Baby M was a 'she'!!! 

Buttttt (a big but!) I'm not a huge mega fan of pink and definitely didn't want it to be too vintage-esque or outdated with the gold thrown in. 
So I opted to paint the three walls a gorgeous light mint color and leave the pops of pink in the accessories of the room :) 

So let's take a further peek, shall we??  

Of course baby girl had to have her own wreath!
A super quick & easy tutorial will be up on it soon :) 

I love seeing her sweet wreath greet us when we walk down the hallway! 

The 'main' wall of the room was actually pre-existing paneling that had been painted over. 
I decided to embrace it and hubby added molding to the sides and painted it white to make an 'accent wall' for me to work with.
I knew the crib would be beautiful on it but I wanted something graphic behind it to stand out. 
Enter in the gold herringbone. 

Which was incredibly hard to photograph :) 
But more on that later. 

This lovely little corner came together all by chance. 
I had scoured the internet for weeks trying to find a decent priced glider or rocker that would be comfortable, functional and (of course) decorative. 

I fell in love with all the gorgeous upholstered & tufted-backed chairs but did NOT want to pay the hefty price tag attached (we're talking anywhere from $1100-5000$). No thanks! 

Hubby gets all the credit on finding that gorgeous chair at Habitat for a mere 20$. 
I'll be sharing more on my thrifted makeovers in other posts but can you BELIEVE the difference a little upholstery work can make??

I'm so looking forward to rocking baby girl in this corner!!

Most of the items in this corner were thrifted or made by me. 
The name banner & 'beautiful' word art were both DIY projects that I l.o.v.e in this space. 
More on those to come :) 

The little table & lamp got quick makeovers and both the pillows are handmade. 

Hubby outdid himself by taking some crazy made up plans I drew on a piece of scrap paper and making this gorgeous bow holder for little girl. 

I added some fun stripes with paint and it's perfect for holding all her bows.
Because you know that a girl can never have enough...
Even if hubby says there's plenty :) 

A tutorial to walk you through how we made it will be coming soon. 

I found the cutest Etsy shop that does custom iron-on appliques and fell completely in love!!
I used one of the monogram appliques I ordered to customize Baby M's diaper bag from Zulily. 
Love it :) 

I added some fun vintage finds from around the house to a gorgeous gold & white enamel tray I found at Target. 
I love how sweet the milk glass & burlap flowers look together. 

I was incredibly excited to find that the coffee table that used to reside in our living room was the perfect size to serve as a sweet little bench along this wall in the nursery. 
It got a little glam touch-up and found it's home with some DIY pillows and a basket full of lovies. 

More on it's quick makeover later! 

The three pieces of wall art above the bench were all DIY projects. 
The Sound of Music quote was something I made as soon as we found out about Baby. 
I just needed to make something :) 

The gorgeous gold frame was an antique frame from my Mimi's old house. 
And the tree slice quote was made from a piece of our tree we recently had to have cut down in the front yard. 
The kids adored the tree because it had a wooden swing hubby made on it's our own little version of the 'Giving Tree'. 

More pictures of the crib wall!!
The gold herringbone pattern was made by using the natural boundaries created by the paneling on the wall.
I spent one evening carefully cutting vinyl to create the pattern and I couldn't be happier with the gorgeous glam feeling it brings the room. 

If you're doing a more complicated pattern, there are lots of cute shops to order from but I love the fact that all I had to do was order the vinyl and I could make my own pattern. 

I'll be sharing more on the gorgeous distressed signs on either side of the crib soon. 
They are one of my favorite elements of the room :) 

Hubby created the barn wood circle for me by using an old MDF tabletop we had lying around as the base. 
No tutorial on this one since I completely forgot to take pictures.
But basically a jigsaw will take care of you once you trace the size of circle you want onto your boards :) 
If you have more questions about it, don't hesitate to email me! 

The wooden monogram was a purchase that I painted to match the dresser & bedding. 

I love the sweet gold rocking chair resting in the corner and it was so easy to makeover!
More details coming soon on it. 

One of the things I was super excited about was transforming the closet bifold doors into French Doors. We hate hate hate our bifold doors in our house and I found this wonderful tutorial on changing them into french doors which is genius.
We've been slowly re-doing all our bifolds into these. 

And, of course, what little girl's closet wouldn't be complete without all kinds of sweet, girly clothes?? 
Mommy & Mimi may go a little crazy with all the cute girly stuff out there!! 
Some of my favorite places have been Zulily, Marshalls, the Target clearance rack & 
Yikes. Girls are dangerous :) 

You will definitely be hearing more about the gorgeous pink dresser.
No room in my house would be complete without an awesome furniture transformation! 

These three prints were one of my favorite & easiest DIY project for this room. 
I designed all three on my favorite photo-editing site and had them printed at Walmart. 

If you'd like more details on how to get some yourself, email me at
I'd love to chat with you about how we can get you your own customized trio.
I'll be setting it up in the near future for you to be able to purchase them hopefully through Etsy but in the meantime, you can shoot me an email if you are interested!! 

And of course you can't have a great room reveal without realizing how far it's come. 
The before picture doesn't even touch the surface as to how bad this room was. 
It was packed. And served so many purposes. 
I still can't believe we were able to get everything out of it and get this room down to it's bare-bones to get started. 

But I couldn't be happier with the gorgeous outcome. 

Now all we need is a beautiful baby girl to fill it!! 

What do you think? 
Are you in love with the mint, pink & gold color theme too? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts- it was definitely one of my most time-intensive & dramatic makeovers yet!! 


For all the details on colors & the source list for most of the items in this room, check out this post

DIY tutorials for various projects will be added as they are posted!! 

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  1. I love everything about it! You did an amazing job!

  2. I love that shade of pink! Lots of great details.

  3. The room is amazing. Love love love the pink and gold. I never would have thought about an aqua wall color. But I love it. I want to make over an extra room in my home for my granddaughter for when she stays over. She's 4
    The pink and gold would be perfect. You're inspired me. Actually Land of Nod has the cutest bedding called Fashionista. It's more coral but still adorable. Love the French doors. All those clothes! I completely understand. My granddaughter has a much nicer wardrobe than I do! Lol. She's very spoiled. Enjoy your baby girl and the beautiful space you and your husband created for her.


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