July 01, 2014

Wooden Dog Bowl Makeover

Oh yes. 
This post is about a dog bowl :) 

But in the end, it's a pretty darn cute dog bowl so it's totally worth reading through it. Promise. 

We have been on an animal kick the past week at our house. 
We adopted a new fur-baby over the weekend (because we didn't have enough chaos in the house) and now we have a little lady to add to all of our boys. 

Meet Eevee. 

And she definitely is as darling as she looks :) 
She literally has not stopped purring since we brought her home. 

We love her...the other animals are adjusting. 

But this week has been all about them between vet visits, introducing our new member and dealing with puppy teething problems. 
But we wouldn't have life without them :) 

I found this cute wooden dog bowl holder at TJ Maxx a while ago that was clearanced out and I Knew that it had a bit of potential hiding in it. 

Part of the wooden applique was missing (and wasn't my style anyways) and the dull brown color just wasn't going to cut it. 

So first things first, I gave it a good sanding down to even out where the applique used to be. 
Then it got a bright coat of glossy white. 

Isn't it looking better already? I lightly sanded around the edges because, let's face it, it was bound to get a little love on it from sweet Oliver. 

This face is far from completely innocent....

After adding some color to it, 
I decided to add a little personality to it with a splash of yellow patterned paper. 

Now learn from me here, friends. 
I actually did this makeover about a year ago.
Painted it, added the paper and then let it go. 

And it lasted for the most part but you can't just wipe it off and the paper started peeling away after a few months of use.
So this was actually the makeover that replaced the first makeover.

And I added one key ingredient. 
But first, let's go ahead and add the patterned paper...

I laid my paper over the portion I wanted to cover and bent it until I had a crease to work with.
I used my exacto knife to cut the shape out and then adhered the paper to the wood with spray adhesive. 

Now for the key ingredient to make this puppy safe. 

I found some awesome thin clear vinyl in the upholstery section of Hobby Lobby for about 3$ a yard. 
Dirt cheap, guys. 

I bought enough for another project too but I knew some scraps would help seal this project up perfectly. 
I used my yellow paper cut-outs as the templates for my vinyl, traced around them and then cut the vinyl out with scissors. 
Then I used my spray adhesive again to adhere the vinyl right over the paper. 
Smooth all the wrinkles out and voila!!

Instant protection from puppy love :) 
And you can wipe it down. 

It was super hard to get good pictures of this part but it was super easy to add onto the wood. 

After adding my paper and clear vinyl, I glued on a cute chalkboard label and added Ollie's name to it. 
Instant cuteness. 

Our pups don't like eating next to each other so Oliver gets to come in to eat while Bentley enjoys his food outside. 
So I'm loving having a cute solution to keeping a dog bowl inside :) 

And with the added vinyl this time around, it's a lot more practical. 

I love simple makeovers like these!!
They don't take much time and still add a way cute impact. 

Check out the quick before & after: 

Do you have a fun fur-baby project you've redone? 
I love having our sweet animals around but also love keeping their needed supplies in tune with the rest of the house :) 

Hope you guys are having a great week!!
Keep your fingers crossed, because hopefully we will be taking nursery pictures this evening!!!
Eek! Can't wait to share :) 

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