September 03, 2014

Baby Girl Update!

Thank you for being so patient with me while I took a break to enjoy getting used to being a family of five!! 

In case you hadn't hear, sweet Baby M graced us with her presence almost two weeks ago!! 

We have been enjoying the past two weeks just watching her and being with her. 
Hubby had almost two weeks off of work to spend at home with us and it was absolutely wonderful. 
I never could have asked for a better partner and daddy for our children.
There are no words to describe how wonderful he's been. 
Watching him love on and take care of Baby M has been world-changing. 
I never thought I could love him more than I already did but, boy, has it grown these past couple weeks. 

I went into labor around 5:30 in the morning on the 21st and had her at 12:23 in the afternoon.
Everything went smoothly and we couldn't have asked for a better hospital experience. 
They let us go the next day since me & baby were both doing amazing. 

We had newborn pictures taken when she was 3 days old and I can't wait to share some of them when we get the disc back. 
They were breathtaking. 

Baby has been mostly a good sleeper and been sweet to mommy & daddy :) 

I mean, how could she not be the sweetest thing in the world? 

So I guess I've had a good excuse for being MIA the past couple weeks, right??

I"m not going to promise that I'm jumping back in full-time but I can tell you that I have a pretty awesome fall project that I was able to get done this past weekend that involves my favorite fall thing ever. 
So stick around.
I'll be back with some fall gorgeousness soon!!

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  1. Congratulations! She is precious, and has so much hair! What a blessed addition to your family. I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and enjoy your decorating style very much. Thanks for sharing all your creative brilliance with the rest of us. I look forward to seeing new blog posts from you whenever you get around to sharing with us; in the meantime, please keep the sweet pictures of Baby M coming.


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