September 04, 2014

DIY Triangle Block Wooden Pumpkins

September is here which means that my absolute most favorite time of the year is finally back-- I'm so in love with fall!!

Christmas and spring are definitely fun seasons and I love them for their own traditions and reasons but there is something absolutely amazing about fall to me. 
I love all the smells, the changing colors, the layering of clothes and chunky sweaters. I love being able to wear scarves and boots without worrying about wet, sludgy snow (or ice, which is what we get). 
I love smelling hot cider & fresh pumpkins and cinnamon everywhere. 

I'll admit, I got a little giddy when I walked into Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and saw all their fall stuff everywhere. 
I may have squealed a little. 
And yes, yes I did buy a few glittery 98 cent pumpkins last time we were at Walmart.
I have full intentions of going back for the bigger ones too :) 

Even though I have tons of fall decor that I still love, I can't resist making a few new projects every year.
Fall is incredibly inspiring to me which is perfect for coming back after just having a baby.
I needed a few things to inspire me back into blogging. 
And these adorable chunky wooden pumpkins were just the ticket...

Aren't they the cutest??
So a little back story into these new pumpkins I made...
hubby came home last week saying that he had a surprise for me.
I love when he has surprises :) 

He knows my heart so well because his big surprise was a ton of wooden blocks he'd found on the side of the road. 
Like filled up the front seat of the car kinda load. 
Big score!!

Then he told me that there had been tons of triangle pieces too but he wasn't sure if I could use them so he had left them.
I let my wheels turn for a couple days and then asked him if he could go back to grab them. 

This is what he brought me home: 

Well actually, these were after they were cut a little & sanded.
The triangles were a little long for what I wanted and hubby had the brilliant idea of making perfect triangles to create a hexagon shape for the pumpkins. 
I love him and his great ideas :) 

So he cut them down into perfect triangles and I sanded the heck out of each of them. 

After sanding, I laid all the triangles out to get the best fit for each pumpkin. 

I knew I wanted to have a 'patchwork' kind of design on them so I laid them out and decided on which ones would have which design and then painted their base coats. 
Use post-its to label the pieces if it helps you keep them organized better.

I used a mixture of different oranges and whites in simple acrylic paints to paint each of the triangles. 

Then I used painters tape to stripe some of them off to paint different designs on them.
I used foam circle pouncers on the others for polka dots. 

Shhh. Don't tell anyone but I was terrible and didn't have what I wanted on hand to put them together with so these bad boys are held together with hot glue.
Yes, hot glue.
Which won't last for the long run but I'm planning on getting metal brackets to attach to the back for a much stronger hold. 
But for now, it does the trick :) 

 I went walking through the yard and found the perfect stick to cut up for stems. 
I wanted something thick enough to adhere to the top well and look perfect for the size.
I think it did the trick, don't you? 

Can you believe that I didn't take the sander to them and distress them??
Not saying that it won't ever happen but for now I love them with their bright oranges & whites. 

I'm kinda in love with these guys. 
How could stripes & polka dots not make you grin?? 
Especially when they are on pumpkins. 

So what do you think of my first fall project of the year??

Ready to start pumping some of your own out yet? 
I have a couple more ideas in my head and am dying to get my fall boxes out to start decorating!! 

I wouldn't put it past me if I had them out this coming weekend :) 

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