September 22, 2014

Fall Mantle 2014

It's that time again where I get to pull out all my fall decor and bring a little bit of fall into the house!! 
Definitely my favorite season of the year to decorate for :)
I can't get enough of it. 

I just wish we would get a bit more consistent fall weather around here. 

My goal this year was to keep it simple and only decorate a few key areas in the house- so I wouldn't completely overwhelm myself. 

The mantle was definitely a must when it came to deciding what would get a fall makeover. 

I'm in love with how it all turned out!!

It's safe to say that I'm still in love with gold this fall. 
I was still so in love with my shim chalkboard that I pulled it out again this year. 

I used a mix of old things & a couple new items to layer it all together.
I'm such a word person so I love all the quotes & printables mixed in.  

I love to switch up my pieces each year and a super easy way to add in something new is by switching out printables. 
I found the 'come thou fount' printable here and loved it adding it into my decor since it's one of my favorite songs.
Our family theme this year is definitely 'blessed' as we have felt so incredibly blessed this past year with celebrating adding our sweet baby M into the family. 

I love the splash of blue & orange mixed together in my frame so it came back again this year. 
Another easy way to change things up is using different fabrics as a background. 
I'm still crazy about orange and so it stayed this year :) 
And all it took was covering the cardboard insert from the frame with a scrap piece of fabric. 

The 'Let Your Heart Sing' print was a Hobby Lobby find from this year.
They have a whole line of gold framed quotes and I. am. obsessed. 
I heart all of them big time. 

The gold & white striped board was a piece I made last year and never got around to sharing. 
I love the mix of distressed gold and white with the gold rope wrapped around the bottom. 
You can find the 'Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart' as a free printable that I shared last year.  

Of course the star of the mantel is the gorgeous shim chalkboard that I'm in love with. 
This year, I traded out a fall quote for a simple burlap & gold leaf wreath that I threw together a couple weeks ago. 
It's one of the simplest wreaths I've ever made and I love how subtle and glam it is. 
I added a little chalk art and a gold leaf garland strung across the top. 

Isn't the burlap + shim combination gorgeous together? 
I love all the texture it brings to the very center of the mantle. 

The cute pumpkin sitting on the wood piece was a Hobby Lobby find a few years ago. 
The wood piece was a gorgeous part of a branch that hubby snatched from the side of the road.
I had him cut several slices from it and then sanded them down to be beautifully smooth.
I love the color & grain of the wood. 

Can you tell that I love me some natural wood thrown into decor?
These pieces I use for almost every season- they were cut from a tree in my parent's yard and these little pieces are the perfect size to add height to so many fun displays. 

I added a cute ruffle pumpkin & a painted mason jar to the mix.  

I snuck in a couple of my DIY Banister Candlesticks that I made last year to add in some height on either end of the mantle. 
I love these guys! 

So there you have it- some old, some new & a lot of gorgeous fall colors!! 

Have you started decorating for fall yet? 


Check out last year's fall mantel here & for more fall DIY inspiration, check out the tutorials below!

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