November 19, 2014

A Little Life Update

It's been a little while guys :) 

I thought I needed to pop in and at least let you get a little update on what's been going on the past little bit. 

I've enjoyed so much having a little down-time away from the computer and snuggling up with baby girl. 
So I've kept it that way for the past three months! 

I was so very blessed and my new job still let me have 10 weeks off before returning to work so I soaked in every single day of those 10 weeks with baby girl. 
She's already grown so much, it's almost sad to me that she doesn't even look like a sweet newborn anymore. 

Me and hubby are both obsessed with photography and she is the perfect little subject for so many fun photo shoots.
She's had several a week with all her cute outfits & of course with a fall-inspired pumpkin one :) 

Brother & sister absolutely love her and love to make silly faces to her. 
Brother pretends he doesn't adore having a baby sister, but his actions say otherwise.
He has to get a goodnight kiss in to sister no matter what. 

And one of my most favorite things is just watching my sweet hubby be an amazing daddy.
I already knew how wonderful he was but seeing him with a newborn (our baby!) takes things to a totally different level. 
It absolutely steals my  heart to see him talk to her, rock her and come alongside me everyday to love on her!

She has such a spunky personality already and gives the absolute best facial expressions!
They can change a mile a minute and we try to capture as many of them as we can. 

She loves bright colors, her kitty cats and watching older brother & sister play and laugh.
She's trying her hardest to get some good laughs out and we love hearing her sweet giggles. 

And, oh my goodness, how fun is it to dress little girls??
Between leggings, mini dresses, shoes, headbands, bows & all the other amazingly cute miniature's absolutely my favorite part of the day to go into her closet to find her something darling to wear.
We've been trying hard to let her wear everything at least once :)
This mommy loves her baby clothes!!

The number one comment we get with baby girl is 'look at that hair!'. 
We adore her gorgeous dark locks & it's even cuter when it's wet at bathtime and it curls right up.
It hasn't started thinning or falling out at all and just gets longer every day.
It makes me hate putting hats on her because she just doesn't look like her little self without her hair sticking up everywhere!! 

She is just the best little baby.
She sleeps well, eats like a champ and adds so much to our little family.
I can't imagine how life could be complete without her.

So between loving on her, taking care of the rest of my family and returning to work a couple weeks ago, the blog has definitely faded a bit from my everyday thoughts.

I still love you guys so much and crafting/painting/DIY is still my heart's passion.
But sometimes you have to let life take you into different seasons and right now that season is my sweet kids. 

I just can't be everything and when I try to take it all on, something suffers. 
So in an effort to not let that be my family (or my sanity), I haven't kept up with posting things every week.
I post when I can...and I absolutely still LOVE to do it. 

I have a gorgeous christmas project to share with you soon!
So I'll be in and out this holiday season.

Love you, sweet readers, and I'll be checking in again soon!!

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1 comment:

  1. Such pure joy...I could hear myself at your age with my daughter. The time came, though, when she cut the hair off of her dolls and made them into "Ninja Babies". Sniffle, sniffle.
    My daughter was also born with the most glorious dark head of hair that just kept growing. I was able to trim it without too much whining from her, and did not let it grow further that "butt" length. No matter how much wrestling she did with her older brother, she loved her long hair, and loved all the ribbons and bows and many hair styles. You might say she was a grenade-throwing girly girl, who loved her My Little Ponies and Rainbow Brite. While she liked her twirly dresses, she also liked dressing up as a Ninja Warrior, hiding around the house, waiting for the right moment to attack.
    In our home, toys were gender neutral. Her brother dressed up his Cabbage Patch doll and played school with him. They would build tents, have tea parties, and terrify the bejeebers out of me by jumping off the highest object they could scamper up without being caught.
    They would crash their trucks into each other and loved to have me read to them, using my many voice impersonations and facial animation. They loved playing their records, especially Peter Alsop.
    Oh, they grow up too fast. Keep taking those photos, they will be so cherished, a recording of a magical time.
    Blessings to You and Yours, from Port Huron, Michigan, USA, where our first serious snow fall is turning into a blizzard.


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