January 27, 2015

{Sharing the Love} Day 2: Hello Gorgeous Printable

Hello lovely readers!!

We are moving right along onto day 2 of my Sharing the Love series!!

Today's print is nice & simple. 
I've loved all the 'hello gorgeous' things that have been trending lately and had to jump on the bandwagon and create this bold printable with that same sentiment. 

Funny story is that when Husby and I first got together it made him super embarrassed when I called him 'gorgeous'. He'd blush like crazy and become incredibly flustered.
Can you believe my incredible guy wasn't used to being called gorgeous?
I mean, come on!!

But that's okay with me cuz I'm the one who gets to call him that for now on!!

So make your sweetheart blush by popping it in a frame and setting it on his nightstand or taping the print right to the bathroom mirror!
Get creative and have some fun with it :) 

All you have to do to get your pretty little print is to click the link below for the color that you want and then 
download. print. frame.

That easy friends!! 

Choose your favorite color below: 

I popped mine into a pretty gold frame and nestled it in among some milk glass, burlap flowers & a mirror tray from Target. 

I love how bold the black & white & red are together!!

Are you enjoying your free prints so far?? 
Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for yet another one!

Happy Tuesday!


If you missed yesterday's free printable, head here to check it out. 

Printables are intended as gifts for Tattered and Inked readers only.
As with all my free printables,
these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
For a complete list of all my free printables,  head to this page

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