January 30, 2015

{Sharing the Love} Day 5: Pokemon Valentine Printable

We've made it to the last day, friends!

I can't believe it's already Friday and the end of this series! 
It's flown by so fast, it's crazy. 

This last printable is something a bit unique and varies from the last four days in that it's not really for adding to your valentine decor.
I mean, unless you really want to.
It's your life :) 

I don't know if the pokemon frenzy has hit your house yet but it's in full swing over here. 
It started a little over a year ago when the husby introduced the show to our now seven year old little man. 
He was quickly head over heels into Ashs' and Pikachu's poke world.
Then came collecting the cards...binders full.
Now we have several DS games, two binders full of cards, a 'deck' for playing, pokemon snap for the wii and a whole Netflix Queue with every season imaginable. 

Little man could tell you the poxe-dex info for any random pokemon you come up.
Including special attacks, hit points and whether they are 'effective' or not in battle.
Plus any and all evolutions.

It's cute & mildy irritating at times.
But boys will be boys and right now, my little boy wishes more than anything that pokemon were real :) 
And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

So for Valentines we, of course, had to come up with something to do for pokemon.
Since little man has been collecting cards for a while, we have tons of duplicate cards so we decided to make some good use of them and incorporate them into our valentine cards this year.

So if you're looking for a non-candy pokemon valentine idea, you've hit the jackpot here, my friends. 

Check out these cute ones we whipped up the other evening...

Here's the rundown on how I put these together: 

*Treat bags (I had regular ones on hand from Hobby Lobby & just cut the tops off to make them shorter) 
*Extra pokemon cards (We had tons or packs of about 10 are around 4$) 
*Free pokemon printable

It's super straight-forward on how to put them together.
Print your printable valentine, use a circle punch to cut them out and a holepunch to punch a small hole at the top.
Place your pokemon card in the treat bag, tie closed with cute ribbon & then attach your printable pokemon card to the ribbon!

And voila!
Instantly make any pokemon lover incredibly happy! 

They'd be super cute printed out on sticker paper and put on kraft bags or a fun treat of some kind. 

My little man is super excited about giving these out on Valentine's Day at school and I hope it makes one of your little people smile too!

Download your free print below! 

All you have to do to get your pretty little print is to click the link below for the color that you want and then 
download. print. frame.

That easy friends!! 

And that officially wraps up this week & the fourth 'Sharing the Love' printable series!!

I've had so much fun with you guys this week & can't wait to share some other fun projects I've been working on lately.

I shared on my Facebook page the other day that I have an amazingly awesome giveaway coming up soon to glam up TWO of my amazing readers!
So be on the lookout for that and in the meantime, have a FABULOUS weekend!!


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Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
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  1. This is the best pokemon valentine I have found! My boys are so excited to hand these out. Thank you!

    1. I'm so glad!! I'd love to see pictures if you take any! Hope you all have a great Valentines!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Is there not just a page to print? You have to print one at a time? Sorry, I'm clueless on this.

    1. Everyone's printer is different but most will give you the option to print multiple prints to a sheet! So you should be able to download the image and then when you go to print, tell it to put 9 to a sheet (wallet size). If you have a box that says 'fit to page', make sure it's unchecked so it doesn't distort the image. Print as many pages as you need :)


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