March 06, 2015

DIY Wooden Pennant Banner

I don't know about you guys but I'm am most definitely ready for springtime.
Warm weather, playing outside, green grass. 
The works.

We are on our third week of state-stopping snowstorms and I'm the kind of girl who loves it to have a good snow...once. So we can have a day off school, play in the magical stuff and then get back to normal life.

So far, we've had six total days off school and we are slowly carving out our summer break with make-up days for school. Boo. 

So I'm hoping that by creating a few Spring projects, Mother Nature may take the hint? 
It's worth a try :) 

I had a few pieces of scrap plywood lying around and thought it would be perfect for making a cute pennant banner to hang up outside. 

Doesn't it just scream spring to you? 

I was able to whip up this simple project during one of our 'warm' days here.
Gotta love Arkansas and the fact that it can be nearly seventy degrees one day and then below freezing with snow the next.

First things first, I cut out several triangles with my miter saw. 
Then sand them down until they are completely smooth. 

After sanding, I used a variety of blues to make a pretty light aqua and then painted stripes and polka dots with the aqua and some white acrylic paint.

Use painter's tape to tape off stripes and then a round foam pouncer for large polka dots.
I think it'd be cute with teeny polka dots too, using the back of a pencil! 

After adding some patterns to your banner, I used a staple gun to attach my triangles to a scrap piece of twine. 
And that's it!!

I hung mine on my huge chalkboard outside to bring a little color to it.
I'm still getting used to adding chalk art and not hating my own handwriting.
I'm learning to let go and just have fun with it!!

How's that for a super simple spring project??
You could whip this up in under an hour and have something colorful to brighten up your home!!

I love that it's a little different take on the traditional fabric pennant banner- definitely holds up a bit better outside!!

Hope you guys are staying warm- (and if you already have Spring weather, know that I'm extremely jealous!!).

Hope your week has been fabulous!!

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