March 12, 2015

Glammed Up Dollar Store Bunny Ears!

So this was one of those projects that started out on a total whim. 
Me and little man were hunting for faux succulents in our local Dollar Store and some cute sequined bunny ears caught my eye.

I didn't think much about them but thought they were adorable and could have some great potential so I threw them in the basket and kept going.
I actually scored a whole bunch of awesome things on my last shopping trip that I can't wait to share.

But guys...
when I actually sat down tonight and threw together this little 'on the whim' project, I couldn't believe how adorable they turned out!!!

Can you believe those are bunny ears from the Dollar Store?!?!

I'm seriously in cuteness overload with them.
But I think I perpetually stay that way with little miss around. 
Everything is cute when it's tiny :) 
And girly.
And with sequins & bows.

So these didn't have a chance. 

So you're probably thinking that this project is cute and all...but you don't have a fancy schmancy embroidery machine to do a monogram.
Well mine isn't it fancy, but I do have one.

Butttt guys, 
Hobby Lobby & Michaels have really upped their game with iron-on decals lately.
So grab up a couple of iron-on monograms and jazz your ears up in a couple of minutes!
Since they won't get dirty like clothes, you won't have to worry about washing them so if the iron doesn't seem up your alley, whip out that hot glue gun.
Glue on your monogram, add a cute little bow or other embellishments and you have the cutest pair of bunny ears ever seen in a matter of minutes.

Here's the run-down in a quick list: 
1. Grab some bunny ears (I've seen them everywhere from the Dollar Store to Kroger to Hobby Lobby).
2. Use iron on decals to create a monogram or initial. 
Either iron them on or hot glue them on. 
3. Embellish with cute bows, flowers, etc. 
I put a tiny dab of hot glue on the back of my bow so in case I want to take it off later. 

I'm obsessed with my embroidery machine and most things aren't safe around the house when it comes to getting personalized!!

But how cute will your little bunny be in these come Easter Egg Hunting time??
And with a completion time in under five minutes, it's worth every minute!! 

Are you needing some glammed up Bunny Ears in your life? 

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