March 30, 2015

Turquoise Hexagon End Table Redo

This week is finally start to shape up like spring.
Even though we just ended our spring break yesterday.
Get with it Arkansas. 

We had a burst of cold weather Saturday and then beautiful weather yesterday.
I'm trying not to get my hopes up that this pretty weather will stick.
But I sure hope it does!!

I had to convince my kids that 65 degree weather did not, in fact, mean we could go swimming.
They insisted on putting on their swimsuits and dipping their feet in the kiddie pool anyways.
And, well,it was spring break.

I'm trying to get back into the groove of things with work starting back up this week...but they threw a curve ball at us and are adding 72 minutes onto our school days to make up for snow days. And that extra hour to the end of the day is a doozy.

But I figured I'd kick off this week with a gorgeous spring-y furniture transformation.

I did this piece last year and it was one I was intending on selling...and then I just loved it to much.
So we basically did a living room redecoration in order to make it work. 
I love those kinds of projects :) 

Here's the little cutie before it's makeover...

The two-toned colors leave a lot to be desired but it had amazing bones to work with!
I'm obsessed with these little hexagon/circle shaped tables and the details on the doors of this one are hardly visible in it's original shape. 

Check out those door details now...

 I mean, come on.
There's not even a question as to how much better it looks with a beautiful coat of paint on!
The details on the doors completely pop now & it makes an outdated little number shoot right back in to modern & cute. 

I believe I scored this end table at a yard side for around 5$. It sat in my garage forever before I finally decided to get inspired by it.

It had quite a few scratches and gouges around the edges of the table that were easily fixed up with a couple layers of wood putty. 
I sanded the whole thing smooth and then painted several coats of an 'oops' paint I picked up at Lowes. 

It's a flatter sheen than I usually try and use but still came out with a gorgeous color and finish.
I used Minwax finishing wax to seal it and make it feel oh so smooth. 
Then the brass handles were given a coat of oil-rubbed bronze spraypaint to liven them up a bit. 

This little table caused a big uproar in our back living room because once it was painted, I was too in love with it to sell it.
My sweet husband readily agreed to help me change a few things in order to be able to make it work in color scheme for the back living room.
Which involved painting several other pieces so the blue wouldn't clash.

So glad that he puts up with my craziness :) 

It was the perfect addition to my favorite little reading nook area which got a makeover because of the little blue table. 
You can get more details about the nook here

I absolutely love the bright turquoise paired with whites & pops of yellow! 
It was definitely meant to live with us and I'm so glad we were able to make it work for our space!!

Check out the before & after transformation...definitely a 'blah' to 'glam' moment!!

I've said it a million times but it holds true again & again...

the power of paint is an amazing thing and it never ceases to amaze me how it can transform something that you would never glance at twice to one of your favorite pieces in your house!!

Now that painting weather is finally looming near, I can't wait to get some more projects going!

What do you think of my little turquoise table? 
Have plans on redoing any pieces soon? 


To see more of my furniture before & afters, be sure to check out my gallery here

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