May 13, 2015

DIY Spring Floral Banner

Hey there friends!!

I know my posts have been few & far between and, honestly, I'm just in survival mode to finish out the rest of the school year and still remain sane. 
Actually, I'd be fine just finishing- not sure if the sane part will happen :) 

We have two weeks of school left (three if you include my professional development week) and I am counting down the days to summer very very eagerly!!

In the meantime, I HAVE been pumping out bunches of new projects and parties that I can't wait to share. 
Little man turned eight a few weeks ago and we threw the best Pokemon party ever and I plan on sharing details (and printables!) very soon!

However, I have been sharing a free printable each month over at the lovely Mine for the Making blog where my sweet friend, Kara, is. 
This month I shared a colorful print with the fun quote "Bloom Where You are Planted". We are trying to instill attitudes of gratefulness in our kids lately and this has been a big mantra in my heart lately to do your best, with your best attitude, no matter the circumstances. 

After making the fun prints, they inspired me to create a fun little spring banner with the pretty in pink version and I wanted to share how quick & easy it was to throw together.

We are talking about five minutes- ten if you count how long it takes the glue gun to heat up :) 

And you'll end up with the cutest little floral banner ever!! 

Supplies needed: 
Scrapbook paper (or fabric) of choice
Printable- Bloom Where You are Planted print found here
Hot glue gun

First things first, head over to Mine for the Making to print your free Bloom print (there are tips & tricks for getting the best results included in the blog post) and cut to your desired width/length.
I printed mine as a 5x7 and then free-handed the triangle pennant shape with scissors. 

Then use your scrapbook paper or fabric and cut the remaining pennant pieces out. Cut as many as you need to get the length that you want for your banner.
I was able to get several pieces out of each piece of scrapbook paper so it goes pretty far :) 

Glue your banner pieces to your desired ribbon and voila! The easiest (and cutest) little banner you ever did see!!

I've been looking for a good excuse to use the cute floral & gingham papers I found at Hobby Lobby for a while and love how they look on this cute banner.

I'm definitely planning a cute photo shoot with baby girl using this in the backdrop very soon! 

I'm loving using little splashes of pink in my spring decor lately and love how easy this banner was to put together! 
I haven't had time for big projects lately so this was just the ticket to get done in the evening after work for a little craft therapy. 

I've got big ideas in the works coming up soon and you'll be seeing a lot more of me this summer- pinky swear. 

Thank you for being so patient with me, sweet friends. Hope your week is going fantastic!!

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