June 05, 2015

Summer Succulent Wreath

It's summer!!!!!

At least around these parts it is :)

It's finally starting to heat up like a typical Arkansas summer and school is officially out.
I've had several days of professional development to finish but I pretty much feel like I'm on break and it is amazing.

I love being home with the kids and having time during the day to work on projects, clean the house and keep things under control.
It's bliss.

And GUESS WHAT??!?!? 
 I FINALLY have time to get back to blogging a bit! 

I really have been focused on learning more about sewing and working with my embroidery machine...which I haven't shared much here on the blog.

I definitely can try to start sharing some more of my embroidery projects here if you want but they aren't exactly something easy to replicate if you don't have an embroidery machine.
But the projects are super cute so maybe I'll a habit of posting once a week about some of the finished things :) 


I did finish a beautiful summer/spring wreath several weeks ago...maybe a couple months ago.
And I've been dying to share it with you.

Didn't it turn out gorgeous??

I have quite a collection of wreaths going on right now but some of my very first wreaths have seen better days so I've been pulling them out of the stash to give them new looks.

I wanted something with a splash of greenery in it for summer this year and I finally stumbled on some inspiration at none other than the Dollar Store.

Here's the breakdown of what was used: 

*Wreath Form (I like to get mine from Hobby Lobby) 
*Yarn (I used a chunky yellow) 
*Wooden name/sign (mine was purchased on Groopdealz
*Felt flowers
*Button cover kits (from Hobby Lobby) 
*Dollar Store Succulents
*Hot Glue Gun

My main source of inspiration started with the cute, tiny little succulents I stumbled on at the Dollar store. 
I'm obsessed with these cute little plants and couldn't believe it when I found several of them on the shelves there for a buck.

Hobby Lobby sells bigger ones and they aren't bad if you catch them on sale. 
But these were perfectly light-weight enough for adding to a wreath. 

The felt flowers I just threw together. There are tons of tutorials for them all over the place, just search them on Pinterest and you'll have a gazillion ideas for them.
I kept mine simple & added covered buttons in the middle of them to finish them off. 

I kept holding off on putting the wreath together because my wreath form was pretty large so I knew that it needed something else to show off in the middle of it all.

I ordered this customized wooden name off my fave site in the world-
 I'm a tad addicted.

You can get cute wooden signs & plaques at both Michaels and Hobby Lobby too.
Go with whatever makes you happy :) 

I stained my sign first with dark walnut so that it would show after it was distressed.
Then used my favorite glossy white spraypaint to add a topcoat.
Sand it down a bit and you're ready for it to become the focal point of your wreath.

Here's a quick step-by-step to guide you through: 

1. Cover your wreath form with your desired fabric, yarn or ribbon.
I chose to wrap mine in a thick yellow yarn. 
This part takes the longest so be patient and sit down with your favorite show :) 

2. Paint/make your flowers.
If you're adding a wooden sign, go ahead and paint it and have it ready.
Then either make or buy some fun felt or fabric flowers to add.
The succulents pop easy out of their tiny pots and I just snipped their stem off with some heavy duty scissors.

3. Position your desired items around the wreath the way you think you'll want them.
I always play with my design before gluing/pinning down so I can fix it the way I want. 

4. Once you have the positioning down, go ahead and whip out your glue gun.
I used tiny sewing pins to add my flowers so I can change them up later.
I used dots of hot glue to adhere the succulents and wooden name sign.

5. Add a wide ribbon at the top of the wreath to hang it from and you're finished!! 

In addition to the cute little succulent plants I found at the Dollar Store, I also added in a few Hobby Lobby succulent 'branches' to the wreath.
I felt like they added a little more variety and interest to it. Made it fuller. 

I'm so in love with the bright pops of color and gorgeous greenery in this summer wreath!!
A word of caution, if your front door gets tons of direct sunlight, be aware that the plastic succulents may fade.
I have a glass door in front of my wreath and it doesn't get tons of direct sunlight so it's been holding up great. 
But just a word of warning :) 

Hope you guys love my spring/summer wreath as much as I do!!
Go dig through your stashes, browse the aisles of your favorite stores and get some inspiration for summer!! 

I have so many awesome projects to share that I finally have time to get on here so keep checking back!!
Happy Friday friends!!

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