July 15, 2015

Summery Mantle Decor

Hey there friends!!
I really can't fathom how July has almost passed us by. Already.

I realized the other day that I was almost letting another summer pass by without sharing my summer mantle.
Because I never did get around to sharing my summer mantle last year. Bad blogger award over here.

But I figured the middle of July was as good a time as any.
Because if you're like us here in Arkansas, you need something to do INSIDE anyways to survive the crazy heat. 
So go ahead and redecorate your mantle :)
I'm giving you permission. 

Most often when I redecorate my mantle, I shop the rest of my house first.
Am I the only one that keeps random decor 'stockpiles' around the house? 
Most of my roomy end tables have odds and ends in them that I dig around in to get inspiration :) 

This year, I asked hubby to whip me up a faux 'barn door' of sorts. 
So he built me the pretty little centerpiece you see. 
I stained in my favorite dark walnut and set it in the middle of everything to ground it all. 

I'll talk about that pretty green wreath in a hot second. 

That cute 'Everybody love Everybody" printable can be found on this cute blog here
I framed it in one of 'extra' frames that I like to use in different displays during the year. 
I just change the print and fabric and voila! Brand new piece to work with. 

I was pretty much just looking for an excuse to use my new, gorgeous canvas print of baby girl's newborn photo. The blue & yellows in the quilt were basically made to go on my summer mantle so, hey, why fight it? 
I love the open-backed powder white frames at Hobby Lobby, by the way.
Absolutely gorgeous. I own a million. Ok, well just two. 
But I would own a lot more if I had the space :) 

The white vase is a Hobby Lobby find from several years ago that I LOVE. 
The gold box is a Target clearance score. 
And the gold bird and white bunny are both from Hobby Lobby as well.

The books are some gorgeously old books that were already falling apart when I pulled them out of their box.
They are my grandmother's old books that were given to me after she passed away. 
She had tons of beautiful books and I've had a box of them waiting to be used. 
The spines were already off of these so don't freak out on me for destroying them :) 
They were all destroyed and ready for a beautiful display already. 

Those cute little kissing seahorses were a gift from little man on Mother's Day several years ago. 
I always love seeing what the kids pick out when they are given free reign. 
And they were perfect for a little summer flavor!! 

Ok, so about that darn wreath. 
It's taken so long to get pictures up because for months- yes, months- I have been searching for the perfect green wreath to go in the middle of my set-up.
I had my eyes set on a beautiful boxwood wreath from Target but they have been sold out for FOREVER. 
I finally gave up and started searching for a different one but could never find one that I liked, that was big enough and that was reasonably priced. 

So I had officially given up on finding anything and then one random day I wandered out to the mess of a garage and found my planter box that was in 'storage' out there and had some pretty succulents and faux greenery in it. 
Aha! moment came and I quickly and, non permanently, attached it to a wreath form I had. 

It's not perfect but it did the trick and adds that pop of green I was so wanting. 

I'm always in love with the pops of fresh white against my blue walls but the gold really makes me happy this summer too!!

Have you guys changed out decor for summer colors too? 
I'm loving the fresh & simple look that it has going on right now :) 

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