October 26, 2015

Glitter Leaf Wreath

Happy Monday friends. 

Missed me the past couple weeks?! 

I've been swamped under packing, cleaning the new house, working & our fun trip to NYC last weekend! 
With everything that's going on right now, I feel lucky to even be able to sit in front of a real computer for a few minutes!! 

I thought I'd pop in real quick & share another super easy & gorgeous fall wreath that I did several weeks ago back when I could actually sit down & make something :) 

Since I wasn't able to full out decorate for fall this year with the whole moving thing going on, I figured I'd settle with just a couple new fall wreaths. I mean, the doors aren't moving at the moment so they're safe to decorate, right??

I made this wreath the same night I made my bucket handle wreath so they are somewhat similar but with a few different twists. 

I think this one is a bit more glamorous where the other fall wreath is more rustic chic. 

Isn't it lovely? 
I love the combination of gold, linen and glitter!!

This one only uses a few items so it's a fun wreath to make when you're just needing to keep your hands's incredibly repetitive for the first bit. 

Supplies needed: 
*linen or muslin (I used a thicker linen material)
*Pins or hot glue gun 
*Glitter leaves (walmart & Hobby Lobby) 
*bucket handle or ribbon (to hang from)
*wreath form

First things first, attach your bucket handle. 
If you're doing this part, make sure to attach it before making the rest of your wreath. 
I attached mine with scrap pieces of yarn. 
If you're using ribbon, you can attach it after. 

This next part is a bit confusing to explain so I added a couple pictures to show you how I folded the linen pieces. 

I cut my piece of linen into squares- I didn't measure them so don't panic!
Just make them about 4-5 in or so. I like having varying sizes to give it more texture anyways. 

In order to attach them to my wreath, I first folded them. 
The first picture shows how I did the first fold- just pull one corner across to the other side of your square in an asymmetrical fashion. 

Then fold it again in another asymmetrical fold (second picture).
I made sure that really none of the edges lined up because I wanted them to flare out and give lots of texture when it was on the wreath! 

Start attaching them to your wreath with either hot glue or pins. 
I used hot glue for mine- I'd put a dub in the middle as I was folding it to keep them flat and then put a dab on the wreath form before adding my fabric. 
Work in a circular fashion around the wreath form until it's full. 

Once you've filled the form with your fabric folds, add some bling to it!
I added some gorgeous glitter leaves to mine. 
The big ones were found at Walmart and the smaller gold leaves were a Hobby Lobby find. 
I simply added them with hot glue to the bottom of the wreath. 

I love the simplicity of the fall leaves against the linen background. 

And the texture of the folded fabric make the wreath look so full & cozy!!
For some reason they remind me of corn husks which is appropriate for the season I guess :) 

And of course, I love the rustic charm the square bucket handle brings to it too.
It's all in the details!!

I'm so excited about moving but hate that it's kept me from decorating for fall!
Fall is definitely my favorite season to decorate for and I haven't bought a single pumpkin yet this year!! Boo. 

So I guess I'll get my fall fix from these pretty wreaths and hope that cuts it for this year :) 

I hope you guys are having a great week- I'll be sharing pictures soon of the new home once we officially close & get started moving in!!

Happy Halloween week :) 

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