October 12, 2015

Planked Coffee Table Makeover & a BIG Announcement!


Did I pull you in with the coffee table makeover OR the big announcement?? 

Either way, I'm super psyched that you're here!! 

I've been dying to tell you guys but have been waiting until it feels really official...
because it's kinda a big deal.

No, I'm not pregnant again. 

But another huge life even is happening in that we are officially buying a house!!
You guys. 
I love the house that we've been in for the past six years. 
But I cannot wait to share the new one with you!!

We are in the process of wrapping all those fun legal things up and are in a MESS of packing boxes & purging things to get ready to move in a few weeks. 
So things are hectic and crazy and overwhelming.

Annnnnddd it means I can't decorate for fall :/ 
Which is incredibly hard for me. 

But the new house has so many fun things... including a craft room! 
We gave up the craft room here last year when baby M made her appearance and my dining room table has become the end-all place for the embroidery machine and projects. 
So I"m incredibly happy about having my table back and having a space to create in again. 

And it also means tons of fun house projects coming up! 

So just say a little prayer for us if you think about it because between work & the new house my mind feels ready to explode. 

But me and the husby have awesome plans to head to New York City this weekend for his bday present of seeing Aladdin on Broadway.
A much, much, much needed getaway. 

Onto this fun table makeover.

Of course I figured I'd share this living room update with you guys just before we change it all up and have a totally different living room. 

But it's still a fun transformation. 

Here's the beast we were working with:

You won't believe how much we got it for. 

This table was a very rare find at our local Goodwill clearance store- we've gone a total of 2 times and this was on our first trip there. 
We found this guy for a whopping $3!!

I guess everyone thought it was a hopeless case since it was missing the glass inserts that used to be in those openings. 
Hubby actually found it and decided it needed to come home with us. 

It sat untouched for a while before we came up with a plan for it. 
Then we decided all it needed was a new top. 

Remember that gorgeous planked dining room table I posted about forever ago? 
Well we took inspiration from it and decided we needed to give this a little plank love too.
Plus I think hubby was just sad that we sold that table and wanted to have something similar in our own house. 

We started with a good cleaning and sanding. It needed a lot of love since it had been knicked and scratched everywhere. 

I painted the base of it before adding the planked top so I wouldn't have to worry about getting paint on the new wood. 
I painted it a pale blue first and then topped it with an off-white paint color. 

I wanted to be able to distress it enough to show wood & some of the blue. 

After painting, we cut the boards for the top to size with a table saw & jigsaw.
Use your jigsaw to cut those rounded edges after tracing the tabletop onto them. 

I stained the top in my favorite dark walnut color and then we attached them to the tabletop with a combination of wood glue & wood screws. 

I sealed the top with a furniture wax and then we brought it in!!

This table was huge compared to the tiny thing we had before and filled up the space so much more nicely. 

I love the added bonus of getting a little more storage with the shelf underneath. 

The detailing on the legs and curved edges on the bottom shelf make it unique and I love the blue showing through the white paint. 
Definitely makes it fit well into my home :) 

I'm a big fan of the two-toned look of furniture and love the contrast between the dark stained wood and lighter colored base. 
And the yellow rug hubby bought for my bday helps keep the room feeling light & bright even with the dark wood. 

So real talk for a second. 
This table has gotten quite a bit of love from the kids and has endured all of it pretty well. 
I've had it for about two years now and think I need to sand down the top and give it a fresh coat of stain. 
The pine wood we used is pretty soft so when the kids color & write on top of it, it tends to get scratched fairly easily.

However I think with a coat of poly it'll help it a bit more. 

I loved how much our living room was transformed by this giant table!

I am kinda sad to say that since we are moving into a new house, I'm thinking we are changing out coffee tables.
Which means that I'll probably be parting with this beauty soon. 

So bittersweet to be constantly changing out furniture.
I'm in the middle of redoing an awesome piece though that I'm thinking will be even more perfect for our space!
Can't wait to share soon!!

Butttt in the meantime, check out these before & afters....

It's amazing how different it looks isn't it??

I don't know if I'll ever not be amazed at the power of paint & some creativity. 
What do you think of my coffee table transformation? 

Hope you guys are having a great week- I can't wait to share more details about the new house soon & our NYC trip this weekend!!
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  1. Nice job Kelsey. You are so fortunate to have a hubby partner up with you on some of these thoughts and projects. Togetherness is the best. Grandpa and I have fun trying to come up with ideas for our little cottage. Sometimes not so quite fun if it means more work for him but he loves it later. Ours is more a less.. find another storage space...and we did...because our home and kitchen is so small our counter was getting full so had The Grandpa put a shelf in between the refrigerator and the cupboard, which sets down with only the tops above, to hold 3 large plastic containers of cereal and bread. All this used to be on our counter along with the toaster and coffee pot. Wahla...more space! Grandma

  2. love the table!!! and congrats on the house!! please PLEASE keep us up to date. :)


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