October 01, 2015

The Bucket Handle Wreath

What a boring title, huh?

It's late, it's been one of those days and, well, I wasn't feeling very creative.

I'm also currently having my embroidery machine going beside me and it's deciding to have 'one of those days' as well. So every weird click & jiggle has me completely on edge. 
It's already tried to eat the last thing I put on the machine so I'm basically holding my breath that it doesn't decide to do anything crazy. 


Doesn't leave much room for great titles. 

But it doesn't mean the project itself isn't great :) 

Check out this gorgeous little wreath I whipped up a few weeks ago...

In all seriousness, I shouldn't insult it by calling it little.
It's actually pretty huge after it's all said and done. 
But I like a big wreath on my front door :) 

And check out my most favorite part of all...

Yes. A bucket handle.
Because it makes me happy, that's why. 

I have no idea when I got it so stuck in my head that I needed bucket handles but I did. 
And the search continued for several weeks because when you know you have to find something, you can't ever find it. 

But I happened to find a few random items that had bucket handles on it at a local thrift store and snatched them up. 
I hate being patient. 

But it paid off for this cutie. 
Want to know how to make one for yourself? 

Gather these few things: 

I won't actually make you guess 
(although that would be kinda fun)

So here's the rundown of what's in the terrible quality picture above: 
*Straw wreath form (or styrofoam, pick your fave)
*Rolls of burlap (mine were from Walmart) 
*Faux pumpkins (mine were picks from Hobby Lobby)
*Hardware (these are optional)
*paints for pumpkin (not picture) 
*pins or hot glue gun for assembly
*bucket handle (optional)

First things first, let's prettify those pumpkins a bit. 

I really don't have a perfect rundown on how to replicate my paint job. 
I kind of just made it up as I went. 

I wanted a worn-out but beautiful Anthropologie-esque look. 

I painted mine in varying shades of white/cream, let it dry and then haphazardly brushed gold paint & gold rub-n-buff on. 
I love the drippy effect I ended up with. 

In true Anthro fashion, they had to be a little funky so I popped the fake stems out and added some fun knobs I got at Hobby Lobby.

Love them. 

After fixing up my pumpkins, I attached my bucket handle. 

When I first took my handle off the bucket, it was a little too flat to work well on a round wreath: 

So just squeeze the ends i a bit until it's exactly the way you want and then attach to your wreath with some twine/string. 
I used yarn for mine, just wrapped a few times and then tied it off. 

Now we can start working on the wreath!

I searched a couple different looks for burlap wreaths because I wanted a fuller look rather than just squares or rolling it around the form. 

I found a few I liked and just kinda made it up as I went :) 
Seems to be the pattern with this one. 

 I took my rolls of burlap and cut them into roughly 4 inch squares. 
They don't have to be perfect so just make a bunch of squares from your fabric. 

Once they're all cut, 
I started rolling them. 

Take one corner and roll it diagonally towards the opposite corner. 
You'll end up with a little burlap burrito. 
Don't make them tight rolls, you want them to be open enough to look fluffy on the wreath. 

This is where I got excited and stopped taking pictures. 
Sorry :/ 

But basically you're just going to glue/pin your little rolls onto your wreath, starting with along the backside edge of the wreath. 

Then work your way in, adding more layers of the burlap rolls in a circular pattern all the way around and into the wreath. 

I went back in and added some rolls after it was finished to fill in certain areas. 
For some of the inner circles, I almost folded the rolls in half to get them to lay down right. 

After your burlap is all attached, add your pumpkins. 
I actually left a blank spot on the side where I wanted them to go and then attached them using my hot glue gun. 

Then filled in the areas around them with more rolls. 

I'm in love with how it all came together!!

The pumpkins are a fun addition to the classic burlap wreath and I'm loving the pop of color the orange, golds & tiny bit of blue brings to the neutral background. 

Plus I love the cute little knobs nestled into the wreath- it's a fun happy to have on the front door. 

This wreath would be fun on a small scale too but would also look gorgeous as the centerpiece for a mantle :) 

It makes me happy to have a little bit of fall sneaking into the house- it's finally starting to feel like fall around here, as of today's weather. 
And I'm hoping it sticks around. 

In other news, me and the husband are leaving for NYC in TWO weeks to see Aladdin on Broadway. I bought tickets for hubby for his 30th bday and we are crazy excited about having the whole weekend away together and spending some time in the big city during the fall.

Any New York natives/lovers that could give us fun places to eat/go while we are there?? 

Hope you guys are having an amazing week!! 
Friday is only a few hours away, hang in there!! 

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  1. Adorable! I love how you added the bucket handle on top! Thanks for sharing your project with this week's "Best of the Weekend" party. I'm sharing your project on FB and pinning it.



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