January 20, 2016

DIY Monogrammed Wood Frame

Do any of you get into a sort of crafting 'freeze' when it's cold outside?

I have so many projects on my list to get done but when I get home from work in this cold weather, all I want to do is snuggle up and drink some hot tea. 
Not grab a cold can of paint and try to paint something. 

It's a constant struggle when it gets cold.
Maybe that's just the southern girl in me? 

I don't have any big painting projects done to share yet so I thought I'd share one of the pieces that showed up in the collage wall I shared last week. 

I'm loving this idea for a quick & personalized gift- one can never have too many frames right?? 

Remember how it showed up on my hallway collage wall last week? 

I thought I'd share a quick how-to on putting it together. 
It was so easy and would be a perfect gift to throw together!

Supplies needed: 
*1x4 cut to be your 'background'
I used four of these
*Frame (mine is from Hobby Lobby) 
*Burlap ribbon
*Trim ribbon

First things first, cut your wood to the lengths you need and sand them down. 
I opted to paint mine before assembling just because. 
Assemble them by attaching another 1x4 across the back with a nail gun. 
Now you have your backdrop for your frame. 

I used a simple Hobby Lobby wooden frame that I picked up that held a 4x6. They have several sizes/styles but I wanted one with glass so I chose it for that. It was a plain wood finish and I painted it white. For a bigger pop of color, paint it something brighter! 

To attach your frame, you have two choices.
1. Glue it in place- this will make it so that your picture is pretty much permanent, unless you want to pry your frame off at some point to change it out. 
2. Use velcro or command strips to attach it. This makes your frame removable and ever so easy to change out your pictures at a later time if you want. 

After painting and attaching the frame, I decided to add a little fun detail with a monogrammed bow on top. 

I used my embroidery machine to add our monogram to a piece of scrap burlap, knotted it and then glued it above the frame. 

If you don't have access to your own embroidery machine, a local shop would add a monogram to your choice of fabric for a small fee- usually under $10. Even better if you can find a local friend that does it :) 

If you want to try and DIY it in another way, use fabric markers to trace a monogram or initial onto the fabric. Hobby Lobby even sells cute iron on letters that you could use- although you'll be limited to the colors/sizes they have. 

After taking the pictures already, I decided to add a fun piece of pom pom trim around the edges of the ribbon. You can see it somewhat in the picture above of the collage wall. It added a beautiful finished touch to the whole thing. Just attach it with hot glue. 

I'm in love with how it turned out and the simplicity of it!
I made several for gifts already- it's so easy to pump several out when you're already cutting and painting the wood. 

Adding a monogram to anything instantly personalizes it and adds a fun detail to most projects! I'm loving that the frame is removable too for easy access to changing pictures.

Think it would a good go-to for a beautiful gift? 
I'd love to see your versions- pretty please share them on my Facebook page!!

Happy Wednesday friends, stay warm :)  

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