February 26, 2016

Black & Gold End Table Makeover

I don't know if it's the same for you guys, but I see these style of end tables e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

I've had several in the past I've redone- mostly the hexagon/pentagon shaped ones but I see these little retro tables with the super-detailed doors every single time I'm on a yard sale site or go through the doors of Goodwill.

I secretly love them because of their cute detailed doors though. 

Which is why I've probably done several of them :) 

But this one was different in that it wasn't circular or hexagon shaped.
I can't even remember where I picked this guy up.
It quite possibly could have been a roadside save. 
More than likely. 

Here he is after I got him home...

Luckily this piece was in pretty decent condition. None of the veneer was peeling and there were just a few water spots around the edges of the top- but sanding helped those disappear quick. 

I sanded the heck out of the whole piece- it was pretty grimy. 
Then I painted on two glossy coats of a pretty black enamel paint I had on hand. 
I was feeling like this piece needed to have a modern, edgy feel to it. 

Isn't the black GORGEOUS with those door detailings?!?

I decided to paint the hardware gold and it looked ah-mazing against the glossy black. 

I felt like the top was too large & plain to just leave so I added some gold details to tie in the hardware.
I taped off a quick arrow design and painted several coats of a metallic gold paint. 

I just love the gold & black together. 
Modern, edgy & romantic all wrapped up in one look. 

Quick before & after to see how dramatic the change was: 

See why I love those doors so much?
The detailing is amazing and with the glossy black, it isn't crazy overwhelming. 
It's definitely much more understated and edgy. 

I so wish I had the place to put something like this but I just don't have black in my color scheme. 
It sold quickly though & hopefully making someone incredibly happy!

What do you think of the black & gold??

My favorite part about painting pieces to sell is the chance to use colors I don't normally use! It gets old painting things white & aqua sometimes :) 

Hope all your lovelies have a great weekend!

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