February 04, 2016

DIY Rosette Heart Pillow

Good morning loves!!

I'm back to share a super simple & super gorgeous DIY Valentine project that will beautify any part of the house you want to put it in!!

We recently added some pretty captain chairs to our dining room table & for some reason, I'm obsessed with putting a pillow on them. 
Not super practical...but I'm in love with how it looks. 
So it's happened :) 

In trying to come up with some simple ways to decorate for Valentines without throwing red & pink everywhere... I wanted some sort of neutral-colored pillows to throw in the dining room for the next little bit. 

So I came up with these adorable pillows that did just the trick! 

Isn't it beautiful? 
And it's incredibly easy to make- as long as you don't mind making all the tiny rosettes that go with it :) 

Supplies needed: 
*Blank Pillow Cover (or make your own- I did!) 
*Scrap white fabric (mine was a canvas-y material) 
*Hot Glue Gun

And that's it!!

First things first, decide where your blank pillow cover is coming from.
I made mine from a drop cloth I had- I've gotten so many projects from one drop cloth, it's crazy!!
It's the perfect neutral color to work with and has that grain-sack feel that I love. 
I made simple envelope pillow covers to cover some old pillows I had lying around...


To make it even easier on yourself, just buy a blank pillow cover. 
Hobby Lobby has some blank linen & blank white ones periodically- mine are usually out fairly often but keep checking back!!

After making my pillow covers, I set about making all the rosettes for the heart. 
I used about 21 on each heart but this will vary depending on how big you make your rosettes and how you lay your heart design out too. 

The rosettes are easy to make but time-consuming!
Cut your white fabric into strips- about an inch wide. 
Don't worry about being exact- they're just going to get all wound up. 

After cutting your strips, start twisting your fabric over & over again until it starts forming a twisty tube. I just start winding my rosettes and forming the circle with my finger. Once they are as big as I want them to be, I hot glue them onto a piece of scrap fabric. 
Here's my pile of strips...

And here's my rosettes after they've been winded, formed & glued to the fabric. 
It's just easier to do a bunch at once. 

After I had a bunch done and glued down, I cut as close to each rosette as possible to cut them off the fabric. 
Then you have a pile of pretty little white rosettes ready to be used!!

After making your rosettes, lay them in a heart shape onto your pillow case.

I laid mine out before attempting to glue anything so I could make adjustments as needed. 
Once you have a shape you like, glue them down!!

And it's that easy! 
Like I said, the rosettes are a bit time-consuming but not hard to do at all!

It took me less than an hours from start-to-finish, including making my own pillow covers!!

I love the neutral colors so it can be used throughout the year, not just at Valentine's.
But a colorful red one would be gorgeous too!
Or any color really :) 

They fit the area perfectly where I wanted them & I'm thinking they might make it over to the master bedroom after a while. 
If you're really dedicated, a heart filled in with rosettes would be gorgeous too! 

What do you think? 
Think you can attempt to make one of your own?

I'd love to see pictures if you do!! 
Send them via email or post them on my Facebook page!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend- see you next week! 


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  1. Soooo pretty! Love it and it's perfect for all year round too! Holly :)

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