February 02, 2016

Mint Hexagon Table Makeover

It's hard to believe that February is already here!!

Today is extra special in that it's me & the hubs anniversary so February is definitely full of love for us :) 

I wanted to pop by and share a fun furniture makeover this week since I feel like it's been forever since I have. 

If you missed my Valentine's printable week during 'Sharing the Love' last week, be sure to check out this post for a list of all the awesome & FREE printables I shared with you. 
Did I mention they're free? You know you need some more printable love in your life :) 

Now onto the cute little table redo.

Maybe it's just where I live, but I seem to stumble upon these little hexagon tables EVERYWHERE I look. 
Pretty literally stumble, considering I snagged this one off the side of the road. 

It looked the part though considering it was a peeling, stained, hot mess. 
Some of these guys are made with solid wood... but I tend to notice that lot of them are more pressed wood & plastic-type materials. 

This one was definitely the latter. 

I sanded down the top as well as I could and started peeling back the pieces of laminate 'covering' it had all over it. 

This obviously isn't a piece you would try & stain considering it's all a very slick pressed wood underneath. But it's perfect for painting :) 

After peeling all the paper off, I sanded my little heart out to get it nice & smooth. 
I still had major issues with the bottom trim though- it was peeling and a lot of the 'wood' was a gross mess. 

I decided to try & trim out the bottom of the whole thing to cover up the peeling wood and for an extra bonus, it would give a more finished & chunky look to the whole thing. 

I used several pieces of 1x4 (nothing fancy) to attach to the bottom.
I cut mitered edges with my miter saw, attached with my nail gun and then puttied all the edges & gaps. 
If you wanted to go a fancier route, there are all kinds of pretty trims you could try. 

After trimming it out, I sanded it all once more & gave it a thorough cleaning before starting to paint.
Here it is all cleaned up & ready for a new face! 

I custom-mixed a few of my favorite aquas & blues together to create an airy, minty blue that was perfect for this piece!!

It took two generous coats to cover and then I lightly sanded around the edges. 

I think these pieces are so cute- I'm always drawn to them. 
I'm sure there are a lot of people who aren't fond of them, but I think they have a great bit of charm around them :) 

This piece is smaller than a lot of the ones I've seen- which makes it great for a little reading nook or corner. 

The original hardware was too pretty to change so I left it. 
I love, love, love all detailing on the doors- probably the reason I'm so in love with these type of pieces. 

I set it up for a little photo shoot in our own reading nook- and almost talked myself into keeping it. But it did end up moving to a new home :) 

Here's some pretty before & afters to see what transformation it went through!

So happy to have been able to save this cutie from a life in the dump- it has lots more years in it now!!
The power of paint never ceases to amaze me!!
And isn't that the most perfect color for spring?

Happy Tuesday friends!!

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  1. Very beautiful. I want to paint everything that color- it's my fav! but I'd probably get sick if I had too much.

  2. What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful!


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