February 17, 2016

"To Whom I Love the Most" Free Printable

This week has been filled with lots of craziness & changes in schedules...
which makes for just a hectic week all around. 

In the midst of the craziness, I wanted to pop in really quick & share a simple but pretty printable I created yesterday for a space I'm working on. 

I'm slowly arranging a few things in the master's a very slow and frustrating process at the moment. 

I have big plans for it but a lot of them are on hold until we just have more time. 
Always in need of more time, aren't we? 

I'm just not ready to tackle some of the bigger projects with work & life in general being as crazy as it is. 
I'm lucky to have summers off so I'm thinking *fingers crossed* we will have lots of progress happening over the summertime. 

For now, I'm doing bits and pieces. 
A lot hinges on the room getting painted (everything in the new house is beige, beige, beige and I was over it before we even moved in!). 
So paint colors have to be chosen, furniture needs to be painted, new pieces need to be purchased, and the bed needs an overhaul. 

Lots of big things. Lots of big choices.
So lots of patience :)

In the meantime, I did tackle a smaller project yesterday that has been on the list forever.
I'll be sharing the 'big' reveal of that soon (once my camera has recharged enough to take pictures) but I thought I'd share the sweet print I made for the space. 

I'm not sure where it came from, but this has always been one of husby's little phrases for me. 
He's constantly saying it or writing it on tags of presents :) 

It warms my heart every time he says it and I love having a sweet reminder of it in our bedroom now. 

If isn't frame-worthy in your own home, I think it would make the sweetest tag for gifts. 

Click below to download your own free copy: 

Plus it would definitely let you win the whole 'love you more' argument that seems rampant in our house! 

Here it is printed and in a sweet little mint frame that I painted for our room. 

I printed it on watercolor paper just to give it a  bit more texture and make it look a little bit more authentic. But cardstock will work just fine too! 

So that's it for today- sweet & simple, just like the print :) 

Hope this week is going well for you- I'll be back soon with an update on what I've finished so far in the master bedroom! You won't believe how such a simple fix can update a whole look!

Happy Wednesday friends! 


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these are for personal use ONLY.
Please do not claim them as your own or alter them.
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