March 24, 2016

A Collected Spring/Easter Centerpiece

It's been a few days, lovies!!
We've been going, going, going. 
Between soccer, work & spring break craziness, there hasn't been a single minute to send down & do anything on the computer. 

Although I did work with my Silhouette at the beginning of the week to make some super cute graphic tees/tanks for the baby. I'm thrilled with how they turned out- maybe I"ll share them soon :) 

Husband took me on a shopping spree for my bday a couple weekends ago and we visited a vintage flea market fair. 
There were so many gorgeous things and I loved getting inspiration for all kinds of projects and new pieces of decor!!

I didn't come away with a ton of things but I did come back with a few little lovelies. 
I shared this picture on Instagram when we came back: 

As soon as I picked up the dough bowl, I knew I wanted to use it for some sort of pretty spring centerpiece, 
Then I found a couple of sweet little mossy nests and the deer antlers. 
So my vision took root :) 

We swung by Hobby Lobby and I found the cute little rounded blue birds. The paper mache eggs came in packages of 5 from there as well. 

It really wasn't a hard "DIY" at all. 
The longest part was doing the eggs- and really, you could leave them with the paper mache look- it's very 'in' to leave things natural. Or pick up some pretty colored ones that all are over the place. Target even had some cute chalkboard ones. 
So make it as easy as you want :) 

Here's the rundown of items I used: 
*Handmade Dough Bowl (Flea market find) 
*2 mossy nests (flea market find) 
*2 blue birds (Hobby Lobby) 
*2 packages of paper mache eggs (Hobby Lobby) 
*Deer antlers (flea market find) 
*2 boughs of faux greenery (Hobby Lobby) 

Didn't it turn out so pretty once they were all thrown together?? 

I'm obsessed with having a little bit of greenery around at springtime- so this was a perfect excuse to bring a little extra in. 
I try hard to find the boughs that look the least plastic-y. 

The eggs were an easy- but messy- DIY. 
My nine year old helped me do them, so they could be a fun Easter-y project to do with the kids if you're not scared of them getting their hands messy for a bit. 

To cover the eggs, all you need is the paper you want to use and some Modge Podge. 
I had some beautiful older hymn music sheets from my grandmother that I used. The thinner the paper the better.

Tear your paper into small pieces, I create a good pile of them before doing each egg. 
Slap on your Modge Podge- be generous! And start applying your torn paper all around the egg. 

Seriously, be generous with that stuff. You want a good coating of the glue all over it to help the paper stay down. 
Let dry for a bit and then they are ready to use! 

The sweet little burlap banner was from a project a couple years ago. 
I borrowed it from my cross I made. 
It was the perfect addition to the whole thing to bring a little Easter into it. 
It was literally made with hot glue & sharpies so it's quick too :) 

I cut all the boughs off the greenery and arranged them in the bowl first. 
It didn't matter if you saw the ends in the middle of the bowl because I was planning on covering them with my other items. 

The antlers were next, then the nests with the birds. 
The eggs filled up any blank spaces leftover. 
Basically, go from largest to smallest, filling in the areas so they look pleasing to the eye- no  big blank areas. 

I thought about adding a runner to the table but really wanted to keep things simple- I think I just love seeing the tabletop clear!
It served as my craft table at the old house and was always covered with paper, sewing machines & fabric! 
I'm amazed that it gets to stay clear at the new house & I actually get to decorate it :) 

The banner is a simple addition to bring in some Easter meaning, but the main centerpiece will be perfect throughout spring & summer if I want it to stay that long! 

I love that it's made up of all kinds of fun vintage finds. 

I hope all of you are having a gorgeous week (ours has been more windy than gorgeous, but fingers crossed!). 
I'm hoping to pop over tomorrow to share a pretty little Easter banner but we shall see. 

Happy Thursday friends! 

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