March 09, 2016

Aqua Striped Headboard Makeover

If you missed it, I'd love for you to check it out here!

One of the biggest stars of the room (at least to me), was the redone aqua headboard. 
It's one of those pieces that turned out even more beautiful after it was done than what I had imagined it in my head. 
I love when that happens. 

The headboard was actually one of the pieces in the room that we've had done for quite a while. We redid them around the same time that the aqua geometric bench was done. 
Seems like quite a while to hold onto some furniture that wasn't being used, huh? 

We always knew it was going to go in our oldest daughter's room- her favorite color is blue and this piece was the perfect centerpiece for a girl's room.
We just didn't plan on it taking so long to find the right house :) 

Here it is before it got some paint thrown at it: 

The best part about the whole project is that the headboard was FREE. 
A sweet friend of mine offered it to me and I jumped at it. 
It's solid wood and was in great condition!

With it having the three panels that it did, I wanted to do something extra rather than just paint it a solid color. 
So I asked hubby to stripe it off for me- he's the OCD one in the relationship.
I'm more of an eyeball it type of person so when I need nice, straight stripes, I pull him in :) 

The base coat of the headboard is called "Refresh" by Sherwin Williams and is one of my most favorite light aqua blues. 
I used it first on our front door makeover at the old house.

This color never fails me!
The paint was mixed in Sherwin William's Proclassic Enamel which is my FAVORITE paint hands down. It's still latex based but dries in that gorgeous hard, glossy finish. 

The coverage is amazing- two coats later, it was ready for the stripes!

We did diagonal stripes on the side panels facing opposite of each other.
On the midle panel, we did more of a triangular "chevron" pattern. 

I finished the whole piece with several coats of Polycrylic to protect it. 
Then it went into storage for almost three years :/ 
I was so giddy when we pulled it out- it was like getting a brand new piece!

And even with being in storage for nearly three years- in Arkansas heat- and it was not a temperature controlled unit- it was still in perfect condition. Can't beat good paint :)

We paired it with Emi's coral wall and her pretty white & gold bedding and it was the perfect match! 

Check out the before & afters- it's hard to believe all those crazy stain colors are hiding underneath that pretty blue!!

In this rooms case, the headboard definitely served as one of the big inspiration pieces to set the tone for the room. 
After painting it the blue we wanted, we started thinking of other colors to pair it with and the coral, gold & aqua color scheme was formed. 

This striped headboard may be one of my most favorite pieces ever!
Are you loving it as much as I am? 

Keep checking in for more how-to and before & afters of the Aqua & Coral Room Makeover from earlier in the week. 
Be sure to check out the whole crazy pretty room to see if there are any tutorials you're dying to see! 

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