March 31, 2016

'Be Our Guest' Wooden Spring Wreath

It's Thursday friends!!
One day closer to Friday & a beautiful weekend!!

I didn't get a chance to pop in over Spring Break but I'm excited to get back into things and share some fun Spring related projects with you!

One project I actually did a while ago, I'm pretty sure it was over our Christmas break, was update the front door a little. 

I did hang our Christmas wreath for a while but I knew that as soon as Christmas was over, I would need a Spring wreath that could stay on for a while. 

I didn't get the itch to make a brand new wreath and after digging through my stash of decor, I dug out my favorite fall wreath that I made several years ago.
It still is at the front of being my absolute favorite wreath I've made. 
Check out the easy tutorial for making one of your own here

I figured since I loved it so much, it should come out more often. 

I dug through things a little more and decided to take apart my Valentines wreath from last year. It just wasn't ever my favorite thing and I figured I may as well use the wooden shape since I liked that part :)

So here's what I had to work with...

When rummaging around through my stash, I realized that the wooden back of the valentine's wreath was the perfect size for framing the rosette wreath. 

So I pulled the fabric off the Valentine's wreath and I was left with the bare wood shape. 
I painted it white (Snowbound by SW) and then decided to add some vinyl to the bottom. 

I had 'welcome' written on our last door so I wanted something different this time around. 
Maybe I had too many Disney songs running around in my head but 'Be Our Guest' just popped into my mind and I thought it was cute. 

To create my vinyl in the font I wanted, I simply wrote out the phrase I wanted in my photo editing software, saved the file and then merged it into my Silhouette Studio.

Trace it with the Silhouette software and then size it to however big you want it. Then cut out your vinyl!

I was too impatient to try and hunt this font down, so if anyone wants to give me a shout with the name of something similar, I'd love it!!

Here's my cute little fall-turned-spring wreath with the wooden frame as it's background. 

Our new front door has stained glass rather than being a completely solid color all over it so it's been a bit of a change for decorating it. 

So I liked how the wooden frame helped create a solid background for the cute little wreath. 

I used aqua lettering for my 'be our guest' lettering- I love that the whole wreath setup is a nod to our inside decor. 
Aquas, whites & yellows paired with natural decor, burlap and typography. That's me :) 

Here's how our whole porch looks: 

Don't judge how bare it still looks.
I've actually worked on it a lot this past week and can't wait to get updated pictures. 
When we first looked at the house, I was in love with the gorgeous brick steps and how they fanned out in front of the front door. 

It is unique to only our house in the neighborhood and I love having a grand entrance. 
Just imagine what it'll be like when pumpkins and mums are around in the fall :) 

I do have plans to update the paint on the door. It needs it desperately- lots of places are peeling and cracking. 
The dark blue is pretty but I definitely prefer a softer, minty blue.
And I think I found the perfect shade a couple weeks ago. 

It looks gorgeous against the brick color and it'll help the door pop even more. 

The wooden frame did start get irritating for a bit on windy days because it would knock against the door. 
It wasn't loud but it still drove me crazy.

A small piece of rolled duct tape applied to the back solved that problem really quick! 

And I already have plans to do something on the back of the wooden frame so I can reverse it up when I want something different!

I love when things can function in multiple ways!!

I'm so happy that I was able to find a way to incorporate my favorite little wreath into the house for a longer period of time. 
The yellow definitely screams spring & I'm hoping it helped make our front entryway a little more welcoming!!

I'll be back soon to share how I decorated the porch area! 

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