March 08, 2016

Coral & Aqua Girl's Room Makeover

**This post is incredibly picture heavy!!**

I'm so excited about today's post!!
I haven't done a big room reveal since I shared our baby nursery with you guys and this one is just as gorgeous!! 

It is just so so fun doing kids rooms- it's my favorite thing :) 
And doing girl's rooms are so fun. All the girly touches, bling & fun accessories. 
I'm having just as fun doing little mister's room too but his is coming together a little bit more slowly. 

If you hadn't caught it yet, we moved into our new home back in October and have slowly been working on getting the rooms decorated and together. 
I've only shared a peek of the dining room so far and one of the hallways

The baby's room is pretty much the same as the original reveal- we pretty much just transplanted it into her new room. The only difference is a little more molding and a painted ceiling :) 

The next room I knew I wanted to tackle was Emi's room. She's nine going on 16 (or so she thinks) and this was a BIG deal because at the old house, her and little mister shared a room. 
It worked great for the couple of years we were there but she was so so so excited to be getting her own space. 

The easy part about her room was that we actually had redone several of the bigger pieces for her room almost three years ago!! They've been sitting in storage ever since and thank goodness that blue is still her favorite color!! We didn't think it would take so long to find the perfect house so those pretty pieces were just waiting to fill up a girl's room! 

I was almost giddy about pulling them out and actually getting them set up!

So...onto details you can actually see. 

Here's the room we were working with....

This room is right by the front door when you walk in. It was actually meant to be the office so it has gorgeous french doors and a huge, beautiful window. 
Emi loved it as soon as she saw it!
We had other plans for our office/craft room so this room was always, in our head, going to be a bedroom. The only down side was that it didn't have a closet, but we've somehow managed to make that work out for us. 

I mean, look at that gorgeous window. 
And the chunky trim!! Swoon. 

I fell in love with all the beautiful trim-work in the house, it was definitely what put it over the top in my head. It's something that makes me extremely happy for no other reason than I just think it's gorgeous. 

So onto making this into a pretty girl's room!
We were going for happy, bright & glam- all things Emi loves. 

So let's see if we hit the mark!!
What do you think?!?

Are you dying? 
This room is one of my favorite rooms to just walk into. 

If I'm ever stressed about the rest of the house coming together (because sometimes it feels like it never will!!), I can just walk in here and breathe a little sigh of relief. 

It's just a happy room to be in!

Emi was in LOVE with her french doors from the start. 
They are beautiful and her room looks gorgeous through them.

We've thrown around ideas for curtains or door coverings but haven't felt the urge to really do anything to them yet. I'm sure as she gets older, we will add something for added privacy. 
For now, she usually changes in the bathroom anyways. 

Want a closer look? 

I'll give a complete run-down on the source list for most things in the room at the bottom of the post, but I'll give some details along the way too! 

When choosing colors, we knew that we didn't really want a hot pink... we looked at several different ones and Emi loved the more corally-colored ones. 
So we went from there. 

The coral wall is called "Charisma" by Sherwin Williams and we accented it by painting the other three (and the ceiling) "Passive" by Sherwin Williams. 
It's a really pretty blueish grey. 

The bedding is from Target and was for her bday- she got outfitted with a lot of fun new things for her new room. 
The cute gold pillow and all the white pillows are Target too. 
Her full-sized bed was a big upgrade from her twin bottom bunk!!

The blue and coral pillows were DIY projects I did to bring the other colors in. 
The cute owl was made by an amazingly-talented friend of mine. 

One of my favorite redos for the room is the upright dresser. 
You will absolutely not believe what it looked like before!
It needed a lot of love & a huge color upgrade- which is what it got.
I'll be sharing the amazing before & after of it soon! 

Her monogrammed stool is tucked in next to her dresser. 

The corner of the room behind the dresser is home to her pouf, cuddly animals and her cute art/book cart. I updated a small rolling cart to give her some much-needed storage for all her craft supplies & books. I'm thinking of adding a cute little light or chandelier over her pouf but at the moment, it's super cute as is. 

Above her dresser I hung a vintage frame painted in her blue and her pretty little wreath she made a couple years ago is perfect hanging in the middle of it. 
We updated her wreath for her new room by painting the "E" coral and switching out ribbons from pink to gold. '

Both frames are from Kirklands- the white frame was more of an off-white color so I brushed a brighter white onto it so it wouldn't clash. 
The eiffel tower was a Marshall's find that I spraypainted gold. 
Em is obsessed with Paris...but what girl isn't? 

On that same wall, we hung a couple pieces of art to tie in some of the other colors.
The 'soar' chalkboard hung in their old room. 
The blue and gold piece was made from an old canvas and some sparkly gold scallop decals I found on clearance. 
I simply painted the canvas and added the decals. Easy peasy. 

Her pretty little vanity was her Christmas present this year- she definitely needed an area to keep all her girly stuff. 
The drawers are stocked with nail polish, lip gloss & anything else a girl could want! 
We purchased this off Amazon and it was the perfect size to fit next to her bed! 
I did re-upholster the stool to go with her decor. Reupholstering is seriously one of the easiest and fastest ways to customize anything!!

All the cute accessories on top are pretty much from Marshalls. The vintage perfume bottle and milk glass vase were flea market finds. 

Her rug used to be in the nursery but we liked it better in here- the new nursery has carpet so it wasn't a necessity. 
It definitely helped ground the bed and everything against the dark wood floors. 

Her beautiful bed was one of the projects completed several years ago. 
That headboard has been sitting in storage just DYING to get out and be displayed. 
If it were bigger, I'd have pulled it out to use for our room. 

I'm in love with this gorgeous piece. 

I'll be sharing the before & after on the headboard soon too. 
Like the dresser, you'll be amazed at what is under that pretty blue paint. 

Besides the bed itself, let's talk about the other centerpiece of the room.
That enormous "E"!!

We searched for several weeks for the perfect piece to put above the bed.
I went back and forth between several different things but Emi just loved the huge E we found at Hobby Lobby. 

I did change it a tad and it was the easiest thing in the world to do. 
It seriously makes the room come together and is such a pretty statement piece. 
It's also probably the most expensive piece in the room- ha! 

Most everything else was thrifted or gifted- and I'm usually pretty thrifty about what I spend on decor pieces. 
I think this guy ran close to $40 on sale but it was totally worth it to finish off the room. 
And it's just my frugal mind that went a little crazy over spending that money on an 'e'. 

More on it to come though :) 

The 'Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti" was too perfect a quote for Emi to not use in her room. I'll be sharing the secret to making that quick piece of art in a post soon!

It's one of my favorite tricks for framed art!

Her pretty little end table was another one of the pieces relegated to storage for a few years. 
Isn't it precious? 

I love the monogrammed detailing and those curvy legs. 
Before & After coming soon, promise!!

The frame & marquee light are both from Marshalls. The lamp is a vintage piece my mom gave me and the lampshade is from Target. 
Hubby bought the art above the table from Hobby Lobby because he thought it'd be pretty in her room. I love when he picks things out that he likes for a space too! 

Have you noticed the gorgeous bench yet? 
Remember the piece I did a couple years ago for 3M? 
It finally found a home!!

I couldn't bring myself to sell it because I knew it would be perfect in our house someday. 
I'm so glad we hung onto it because it is PERFECT in her room. 
Check out my geometric bench makeover here for the how-to on it. 

A spraypainted tray, some wrapped books and a cute frame were perfect for hanging out on the end of it. 

The last corner of the room was all about storing accessories. 
She loves hats, shoes & all kinds of scarves and necklaces. 
The easiest way we found to store them (and display!) was to add hooks around her standing mirror. 

The standing mirror was one of my very first makeover projects I ever did!
It lived in our master bedroom until we moved, and Emi was over the moon excited when I asked her if she wanted it! 

The hooks & birdcage are all from Hobby Lobby. 
The sunburst mirror was a Dollar Store find forever ago! 

Her hats live on a wooden piece that I painted white and her shoes fit neatly behind the mirror on a revolving shoe rack. 

Because she doesn't have a closet, we had to be very creative with clothing storage in her room!
Her dresser houses underwear, socks, leggings & tank tops in the first three drawers.
The other two drawers are for toys, books & other 'collectibles' 
If you have kids, you know it basically means it's full of bits of paper, random rocks & silly putty. 
But it's SPECIAL.

Her shirts, pajamas and pants all live under the bed in rolling under-the-bed storage containers. We found several at Marshalls that we love and they have worked great so far. 

Her dresses and coats hang in a closet in the hallway- it's in the hall that leads to the master so it was perfect for holding her longer items. 

So far our system is working and we don't really even miss having a closet! 

Here's a few more pretty shots of the whole thing :) 

Of course, her American Girl Doll, Emily, had to be in the pictures. She's a staple everywhere we go :) 

I almost forgot to mention the gold confetti dots!!
They are made from matte & glitter gold vinyl. 
I simply cut circles with a circle punch (one big and one small) and then stuck them on the coral wall to 'scatter' down. 
They were so easy to do- just punch a bunch more than you think you'll need!!

Now for the best part, the side by side shots of the room!
I'm so happy with how it turned out- the difference that paint & accessories can make is astounding. 

Every. single. room. in our house is painted the same beige color. 
Excusing the dining room which had a darker brown color above the box molding. 
I like brown. 
But brown is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. here.
I was so happy to add some gorgeous color into one of the rooms.
Maybe that's why I love going into the girls' rooms so much!!

The smile on her face after we showed her the finished room was so worth every minute of it. 
And pulling those gorgeous pieces out of storage and giving them a place to live certainly made my day. 

I'd love to hear your feedback on our makeover!!
What do you think of the coral & aqua together? 

I'll be sharing the before & afters of a lot of the pieces plus a ton of thrifty tips to pulling a room together in the next two weeks so be sure to check back in often!

I seriously can't wait to show you what the headboard & dresser looked like before!!

If you're wanting more details on where I got certain items, check out the source list below.
If there is something not mentioned, please email me or comment and I'll get back to you soon!!

I hope you enjoyed touring the room as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Paint & Item Source List: 

Coral Wall Paint: "Charisma" By Sherwin Williams
Grey Wall Paint: "Passive" By Sherwin Williams
Aqua paint (headboard, frame & end table): "Refresh" by Sherwin Williams
Bench Paint Color: "Synergy" By Sherwin Williams
Vanity: Amazon 
Rug: At Home (local store) 
Dresser: DIY by me (post to come)
Gold pillow, white pillows, heart pillow: Target
Coral pillows: DIY by me
Quote Pillow: Gordmans
Owl Pillow: DIY by a friend
Bedding: Target
Gold tray, milk glass, perfume bottle: Thrifted
Frames: Kirklands, Marshalls
"Choose Joy" Printable: Tattered and Inked
Gold & Aqua Wall Art: DIY by me
'Soar" Wall art: DIY by me
Vinyl Polka Dots: DIY be me
Gold E: Hobby Lobby, redone
Headboard, Dresser, End Table, Bench: DIY by me
Pouf: Target
Utility cart: Thrifted and redone
Aqua Frame: Thrifted and redone
Wreath: DIY by me
Lamp: Vintage 
Lampshade: Target
Confetti Wall Art: DIY by me
Standing Mirror: DIY by me
Wall hooks/birdcage: Hobby Lobby (repainted) 

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    What size is that letter E? Thanks!

  6. Hi! What size are your dots on the wall? they look like 2 and 1 in diameter... does that sound right?

  7. Yes! They are 1 and 2 inch in diameter randomly scattered across the wall!


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