March 01, 2016

Dog Food Station Makeover

Hello friends!!
I don't know about you, but this week has been up & down weather wise which gets rather frustrating!
Freezing cold one day, super warm the next...then rain and cold mornings, hot afternoons. 
Who can dress for all that? 

I took advantage of the warm weather that passed through this past weekend to tackle some outdoor projects. 

We were given this wooden pet food storage/bowl holder a few months ago and it's just been sitting in the garage waiting to be pulled out & used. 

It really is a useful little thing & this thing is s.t.u.r.d.y. 
I was incredibly excited when hubby brought it back from picking it up from our friends- I just wasn't expecting it to be so sturdy & awesome. 

It's hinged on the top so you can add food & other items into the two storage areas. 
Then the bottom part slides out and reveals two dog bowl holders underneath. 

I knew it'd be perfect for our pups. 
They are smaller dogs and only eat small amounts but we can't use any type of plastic storage out with them because they chew like crazy. 
We used to store their food in the garage but it got frustrating to lug bowls all the way across the house to get from from the garage to the backyard. 
So right now we have a plastic bin sitting right inside the back door. Lovely. 

I figured this lovely piece could help solve that storage problem. 

But I definitely wanted to give it a makeover- it had tons of potential. 

The only prep needed was to sand and wipe down. 

After wiping it down, I painted two good coats of a custom mixed color on. 
I mixed several blues & a green I had to make a pretty mint color that was a little more subdued then some of the blues I usually use. 
I have several cute mint outdoor accessories that I'm wanting to tie in so I thought it'd be fun to include the color somewhere else on the patio. 

After painting, I decided it still needed something to add to the front. If you wanted to make it more decorative without adding words/vinyl, add some pretty molding pieces to frame it out! You could definitely beef it up some more to add a little more interest. 

I decided to stay classic and just add 'dog food' in pretty lettering with a bracket frame. 
Then I added the pup's names on the bottom. 

I also went over the silver pull with some antique gold Rub-n-Buff to brighten it up. 
Let dry for a bit and then re-attach it to the drawer. 

You can tell they're working on reading their names :) 

I kept the inside of the storage bins & the bowl holders white- it was in pretty good condition and I liked the contrast so I just left it. Plus it helps tie in the white vinyl too. 

Our Ollie was super excited about the new addition to his backyard and had to check it out from all angles...

After adding the vinyl, I coated the whole thing with several coats of Polycrylic to help weatherize it a bit and to keep the vinyl from peeling as much. Our patio is covered so it won't get much rain and sun exposure but I wanted to give it some protection. 
It also helps for easier clean-up- just run a damp rag over it and it's good. 

I love love love how it turned out and it gave it such a transformation!!
Check out the side by sides to see the crazy difference: 

I think the whole project took about 45 minutes from start to finish so it was a fun & quick afternoon makeover. 

Just in case you weren't just handed a doggie station to's a really cute DIY version from Ana White with complete instructions on how to build a smaller version. 
And you could still add some cute vinyl to the front too!

Would your pups love something like this? 
I love easy transformations like this- I can't wait to start decorating the rest of the patio now. I just need some more warm weather to decided to stick around for a while :)

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  2. This is really amazing. I also want to make this kind of Dog Food Station for my Russo. He is a Australian Kelpie breed dog. I'm sure he will love it a lot.

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