March 14, 2016

Ombre Coral Dresser Makeover

Happy Monday friends!
I can say it's happy because we are only five work days away from Spring Break!

I wanted to share another fun makeover from my big girl room reveal last week. 
If you haven't had a chance to see the big makeover, I'd love for you to check it out here

One of the pieces that took the longest to redo & figure out what to do with was her dresser. 
For a while, we were just storing clothes in under the bed bins and a small closet in the hallway. 

But the girl needed some more storage. 

We went on the hunt for a dresser for a while- I wanted one with deep drawers and I wanted it upright. 
Upright dressers are hard to find, ya'll. 
At least around here. 

But anytime I'm looking for something specific, they suddenly become incredibly rare. 
Do you know the feeling? 

So after a couple months of hitting dead-ends, hubby turned my attention to a piece we had sitting in the garage...

I kept passing it over as an option because the drawers were so narrow. 
But he kept pushing me towards it...cuz it was, well, free. 

So we dragged it in, loaded it up with clothes and left it for another month or so. 

I slowly made progress with it, I knew that I wanted new hardware on the bottom three drawers so I removed the wooden pulls and puttied the holes to prepare for sanding & painting. 

All it took was one pretty spring-ish day to finally give me the push I needed to get it done. 
I wanted the drawers painted coral, but with an ombre effect, going from light on top to dark on bottom. 

I used the same color paint as the focal wall in Emi's room. 
It's called "Charisma" by Sherwin Williams and is a beautiful, rich coral pink. 

To create an ombre effect, I took five bowls and mixed varying amounts of my favorite white- 'snowbound' into four of them. I added amounts of white until I had five varying shades of coral. 

I painted the base of the dresser in 'snowbound' by Sherwin Williams. 
I love warmish days because I can start on one side of the piece, then the front, the other side & the top. By the time I have one coat on all of those, the first side is usually dry and I can go ahead with my second coat. 

This dresser was a dark wood so to ensure good coverage, I went ahead and painted three coats. 

Armed with my five shades of coral, I laid out the drawers and used one bowl per drawer to paint several coats of the coral. 

I made sure to lay out the drawers in the order they came from the dresser since some pieces can be picky about which drawers go where :) 

After letting everything sit for a day, we added the new hardware. 

I picked up the cute coral Paris ones for the two top drawers and then picked simple but classic gold bin pulls for the bottom three drawers. I love the look of mixed hardware and thought this piece would be perfect to mix it up a little bit!

I did a sealant coat of Polycrylic over the whole thing and then we moved it back in! 

It looks a little bit better this time around, huh? 

I kept the decor simple because I know she'll be adding her own treasures to it soon. 
The white chunky frame is from Kirklands- although it was more of an off-white. I brushed the snowbound white over it to help it blend more with the dresser. 
The gold frame is also from Kirklands. 

The Eiffel tower was a Marshalls find that I spraypainted gold. 

The blue frame was a flea market find that I painted in the same blue as her headboard

The pretty little felt wreath was one that Emi & I made several years ago. We just updated it a bit with the coral & gold colors rather than hot pink. 
For an easy tutorial on how to make your own, check it out here

Now for my favorite part, the side by side before & after: 

It's crazy how big of a difference a little color can make!!

I love the pop of color the coral gives to the whole piece & it definitely helped add to the gorgeous focal wall that's in her room. 

We did have to tweak some of the tracks in the drawers to get it in good working order but after a little work & a lot of color, it was the perfect piece for her room!!

I'm happy that hubby pushed me towards it. The drawers are more narrow than I wanted but they do help with added storage quite a bit and we haven't run out of room yet. 

I'd love to hear what you think about this coral makeover!!
And don't forget to keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram- I tend to share lots of sneak peeks while I'm in the middle of projects :) 

Check out the entire makeover post of Emi's girly room here!

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