April 18, 2016

Foyer Mantle Decor

Happy Monday friends!!

Our weekend was a little bipolar. We spent Saturday in freezing wind & rain to watch a soccer game way too early in the morning.
And then Sunday was a beautiful sunny day that we spent shopping & hanging out. 
So all in all, it was a great weekend. 

I wanted to share the second half of the foyer decor with you today!
Last week, I shared the mint table makeover that made up the main part of the decor for our huge foyer space. 
So today I wanted to talk a little more about the faux mantle. 

First off, let me apologize if the pictures are less than stellar. We do not have the correct lense to get a good shot of the whole area but I did the best I could with what I have :) 

You may remember the faux mantle from the old house.
It used to hang out in the back living room. You can see how I decorated it for summer here

When we moved, I kept searching for the perfect place to put it and I was coming up empty. 
The living room had great wall space but putting a mantle in the room where the real fireplace & mantle were just didn't look right. 
And we had limited large wall space in the halls. 

After I pulled the foyer table into the space, I knew we needed something large to help fill up some of that huge wall we put up!!
So I had the crazy idea to drag the mantle in and see if it would work. 
And it did!!

It fills the space beautifully. 

I had fun decorating it- I was worried that my large aqua mirror wouldn't have a space anywhere but it was the perfect centerpiece for the mantle. 
The pictures don't show the aqua on the mirror looking so great with the mint table but in real life, I really like them together. 
I may paint the mirror at some point, but for now, it works for me. 

I brought in touches of aqua, yellow & wood tones to mimic the main part of the house and the decor that flows into the living room. 
Having those brighter colors definitely help liven up the builder beige that is all over the main part of the house too. 

Here's the funny scoop on the siamese cat... I inherited from my great aunt who had a serious love for cats which I share :) 
I've had him stored in the china cabinet forever because I've never had a place to put him.
When unpacking, the kids found him & were SO excited. 
I mean, jumping up & down excited. 
We've had a sweet siamese (Ellie) before and we recently rescued a Lynx Point Siamese (he's more cream & grey in coloring). So they LOVE this little cat statue. 

I had plans to paint him gold but they would have none of that. 
So he's stuck around. 
Although the real siamese kitty in the house decided to be super naughty and climb up to the mantle. 
The poor glass siamese had a spill and lost part of it's ears. 
Sad :/ 

But I bet you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't told you.
I've saved some of the pieces to try and do surgery with later. 

The decor is a good mix of mostly thrifted & DIYed items. 
Here's the rundown: 

Aqua Mirror: Goodwill find & given a makeover here
Wooden Mirror: Target Clearance (3.00!!!) 
Gold Arrow & small Gold Sphere: Hobby Lobby
Siamese kitty: Gift from my great aunt
Yellow Block Art: DIYed
Blue Banister Candlesticks: DIYed here
 Gold Candlestick: Clearance Store
Milk Glass Vase: Thrifted
Succulents: Hobby Lobby
Succulent Wreath: DIYed from my summer mantle here

I love when things come together perfectly!
I think the table & mantle are a perfect pairing. 
And now I get to decorate TWO mantles for holidays- double win there. 

And it's even better when you can shop the house (or in my case, the moving boxes) and come up with everything you need to decorate the new area! 

I'll be sharing the makeover for that chair later this week- and an INCREDIBLY easy way to transfer wording onto fabric surfaces. 
It's awesome. 

I'll see you soon friends!!

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