April 15, 2016

Mint Foyer Table Makeover

Happy Friday friends!
I'm happy that the weekend is here, even if it means more rain. 
Although I'm so ready for some pretty sunshine days. 

When we first moved in, we already knew we were planning on renovating one of the rooms to meet our needs. 

When you walk in the front door, the house had a large formal dining room immediately to your right. 
There were two entrances- one from the hallway by the kitchen and then another huge rectangular opening that opened into the foyer. 
Although it was pretty, we needed one extra room to serve as the office/craft room. 
So we bought the house knowing that we'd be immediately closing up that large opening and it would create a huge wall in the foyer. 
The foyer is large enough that it didn't make a huge difference in how big it felt. 
But the wall was a pain to figure out what to put on it. 

I really wanted my foyer table to be able to remain in the hallway. 
But by itself, it looked way too small on the huge wall. 

I left it for a while, trying to brainstorm what else would be a good fit.
Here's the very rough before of what I threw together: 

I'll be sharing more about the details of the faux mantle soon but it was the PERFECT fit to go above the foyer table and fill up that huge wall. 

After finally deciding on the layout of what would go there, I started looking at colors and decor to give it the finishing touches it needed. 

One of the biggest things in the house that peeves my little designer nerves is the beige that is all. over. the. house. 

I mean, it's fine to have a color that flows throughout. But EVERY room was either beige or dark brown. Except for one bedroom that was light yellow. 
Because our budget doesn't allow for the entire house to get a new paint job at the moment, I"m working with the beige in the main part of the house. 

For a few months, I had just thrown a random assortment of frames onto the table and left it while I worked on other areas. 
But I knew it would get an overhaul soon. 

I really, really wanted to paint the beautiful table but I was having the hardest time ever on deciding whether to do it or not. 
I usually don't have any qualms about laying a paintbrush on a piece of furniture but I just loved the color of the wood on this piece. 

However, I'm a big believer in making your house look the way you want and not feel guilty for changing things up. 
So I finally settled on what I wanted to do.
I knew it needed a dose of color to break away from the beige that was dragging everything down.

My favorite color in the world right now is the Mint Whisper that I used in the nursery
However, I've been using it quite a bit lately and it shows very light on single pieces. 
I wanted it to have a deeper hue to it so I went a shade up from Mint Whisper & painted it Meadow Mist by Sherwin Williams. 
Same family, deeper color. 

It doesn't even look like the same space anymore, does it?? 

I'm in LOVE with this mint color, ya'll. 
It's the prettiest, softest mint and I'm obsessed. 
Be aware that it'll be showing up in several projects in the near future :) 

I finally decided to just get it over with it and spent an afternoon of spring break painting it. 
The only prep I did was to sand some scratches down (my brother wasn't super careful moving it when we moved and gashed the front drawer). 
I also had to add some wood glue and wood filler to the large gash in the front to give it more stability & let it blend in more. 
Then I just painted three coats of the Meadow Mist & waxed it when it had dried. 

I kept all the original hardware because they're gorgeous. That's why. 

I played around for a while before I finally found a look on the top of it that I liked. 
I really wanted more pictures displayed around the house since we take about a million per day. 
So I layered frames around the top & added some height with a few of my favorite pieces. 

The caster drawer underneath was a roadside rescue project from a few years ago.
You can read about it here- it's such a versatile & fun piece!!

Here's the low-down on where I found most of the pieces I layered on top: 

Chunky weathered frame: TJ Maxx
White Chippy Frame: No idea- but I painted & distressed it forever ago
"Bless this Home" Sign: DIY by me
Wood slices: Pieces I use all the time from a tree we had cut down
Scale: Flea Market Find
Chippy Window: Flea Market Find
White Plate: Homegoods (I added the flowers) 
White Candlesticks: Thrifted & Painted
Green Grass Balls: Hobby Lobby (I think??)

And I mean look at those curvy legs- helllooo. 
It even has a tiny lock & key for the front drawer that is completely intact. Love it. 
The table was a gift from my Mimi before she passed away and, no, it wasn't a family heirloom in case you're getting all hot & bothered about that. 
But it was beautiful before & it's beautiful now.
I love the color & character it brings to the entryway. 

You can't deny after looking at the before & after that the hallway was screaming for a little bit of color: 

All the wood tones & beige were dragging each other down before and making the huge hallway seem very dark. 
The mint definitely transforms it into a more light & airy space to be. 

I'll be sharing more details about the faux mantle, decor and about the chair that's peeking out in the corner soon!!

Don't be afraid to paint some color into your home!!!
Oh and only 8 more days until little man's 9th bday which is all things Harry Potter. Be warned that tons of Harry Potter projects will be coming your way in the next couple weeks- it's probably the FUNNEST party I've DIYed. 

Happy Weekend friends!!

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  1. Love that little table! I want one! Your paint choice is very pretty too, so light and bright!

  2. Such a lovely transformation. I love the color! Such a popular color this season. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI.

  3. Amazing what a little color can do!! Love it!


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