May 03, 2016

Transferring Words to Fabric; A Chair Makeover

So let's take a mini-break from talking about Harry Potter related projects... and let me show you how I transfer quotes/images to fabric.

Last week, I shared my super easy rub-on transfer method so if you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to give it a glance, I'm not repeating the step-by-step process here. 
But I wanted to make sure you saw how the transfer works onto fabric. 

You saw how lovely it worked on paper & wood...but what about fabric? 

Check out this cute chair that I decided needed an update: 

I first painted & reupholstered this chair several years ago and it worked great in the old house. 
Now that we are rearranging and trying things out in the new house, I wasn't loving the fabric anymore. 

And since changing out the fabric on these chairs is suuuper easy, I dug around in my fabric stash to see what I could come up with. 

I ended up deciding on a simple piece of linen fabric that I had. 
I love the linen against the white paint- it's my thing right now. 

But the seat looked way too plain with just the linen covering it. 

So I used my super easy transfer method to transfer the french label over to my upholstered seat. 

For my transfer, I was transferring onto a light-colored, textured fabric. 
The transfer went on well but was very light, and was too light to be as noticeable as I wanted. 
So I used the transfer as a guide, and traced the entire label with a sharpie onto the fabric. 
It was the perfect guide for the letters!!

Now the pretty updated chair sits nestled next to my mint foyer table that I shared with you recently. 
Looks much better without that wild, dark fabric on it, don't you think??

This transfer method will work best on light fabric without a lot of texture to it. 
I do suggest having a sharpie on hand to trace over it and make your lines darker. 
I like that it feels a bit worn & distressed when it's finished. 

I do think the transfer method works best on paper & wood but this just shows that it's not limited when it comes to fabric as well!!
I used this method to transfer the Hogwarts crest onto a small linen bag to hold our sorting coins for the game. 
It was faded but looked perfect for the theme of the party. 

To see the entire step-by-step process for transferring words & images, check it out here

And if you'd like to see the rest of the details about my mint table & foyer decor, check it out here & here

I'll be sharing more details from our Harry Potter party this week so keep checking back- I have some way cute & easy t-shirts to show you soon :) 

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