June 13, 2016

A Tiny Table & Chair Makeover

Happy Thursday lovelies! 
I wanted to pop by and share a fun little makeover I did last year for Baby M- it's one of our favorite things in the house right now!!
So last summer, I found this little round child's table curbside, ready to be thrown away. 

I'm constantly surprised by what people end up throwing out. 
Although worn and it's finish had seen better days, 
all this little table needed was a bit of paint and some tightened screws. 

I knew I wanted it to be a cute place for Baby M to eat snacks, color and do other toddler-y things at, so I set it aside for a few weeks in a hunt for a cute kid's chair. 

Cue my parent's barn. Good thing they don't like to get rid of much- I found a little brown (solid) chair in the barn that used to be ours when we were little. 
It had seen better days too. 

Armed with my tiny table and chair, I went to work. 
I painted the table in a custom mix of aqua blues- a little bit of Watery, Ebbtide and I think possibly a hint of my favorite, Mint Whisper. I got crazy mixing before writing it down so that's as good as I got for ya, sorry. 

I mixed in a little white paint to give it a fun aged look to it after the aqua had dried. 
Then distressed the heck out of it. 
Since a toddler would be using it, I knew it'd get well worn and there'd be lots of 'love' to it, so I figured distressing would make me less crazy about keeping it looking 'perfect'. 

Plus it has the cutest legs that were just crying out for some attention. 
Distressing definitely helps accentuate pretty curves and details. 

After painting, I decided to add a fun quote on the top to give it a little something extra. 
I ordered gold and glittery gold vinyl and whipped out a quote on my Silhouette. 
It's hard to tell in the pictures but the 'sparkle' word is done in a gorgeous glitter vinyl which is just beautiful! 

I didn't seal it on just in case I wanted to change it later. 
If you want more protection for yours, make sure to add a layer or two of Polycrylic.
But mine has held up wonderfully and I wash it nearly every day. 

Moving on to the little chair. 
Now, I'll be honest here. 

When I was redoing the chair, we were in the middle of moving and I needed it done fast. 
Fast plus moving boxes plus just wanting it DONE created a not so great effect in the paint I chose. 
I really needed to use a tougher enamel paint to go over the wood finish. 
Instead I used just a regular flat paint (more like a chalky finish) and it's not my favorite. 
I'll repaint it as some point. 
But for now, here she is...

The reason I haven't gotten around to repainting is because I added the cute gold monogram and haven't been in the mood to tear it off and re-cut another one. 
Lazy, Lazy, I know.
But it's still cute & distressed for now. 

The old house didn't have a good spot available for her table to sit but in the new house, it sits nestled next to the entertainment center. 

It's perfect for pulling out for afternoon snack or letting Baby M color to her heart's content. 

And Micky stickers, lots of Mickey stickers. 

In case you were wondering how it's held up to sticky strawberry messes & crayon marks without being sealed, it's a dream to clean up!!
I just wet a magic eraser a tiny bit and it gets every single mark every single time. 

It's pretty remarkable for a roadside piece that was destined for the landfill, right? 
Check out the before & afters and tell me you don't believe in a good rescue!!

We just love this little table & chair duo- it's one of Baby M's favorite things in the house!
It definitely serves us well :) 

I get crazy excited about a good makeover but even more excited when I'm actually allowed to hang onto it- most of the time they go up for sale after they are finished. 
But I love having a little painted magic happening in our home too. 

What do you think? 
Worth rescuing? 

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  1. Very sweet makeover. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is adorable! I just re-did an old table for my granddaughters, but this has me thinking I need to re-do it again with a quote on top! Those Magic Erasers are the answer for crayon and marker, aren't they? I love your quote, that is so fun. I really need to do some more practice on my painting skills! I have pinned this and would love it if you would stop by and share it at the Celebrate Your Story! link party. If you have a spare minute, here is the link:


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