June 16, 2016

DIY Interchangeable Minnie Ears

The countdown is dwindling down today!
We are heading off to Disney World as of tomorrow afternoon & we have some crazy excited kids on our hands. 

I have been packing & making things the past couple weeks in preparation for our magical week in the Magic Kingdom (& Universal too!) so I have tons of fun Disney-related things to share with you!!
I haven't had a chance to finish taking pictures of everything but I wanted to pop in and share the EASIEST Disney project ever. 
I mean, ever. 

And your wallets (& husbands) will thank you ten times over. 

Every trip to Disney World means packing Mouse ears, right?
I mean if you search the internet for 1 second, you'll find hundreds & thousands of different themed ears from Star Wars to Aladdin to everything you could possibly think of. 
And anywhere in the price range of 10-50$!!!
Pure craziness. 

I'll admit that I really thought about going all out in making Mouse ears- especially for Baby M who LOVES Minnie Mouse. 
But for every outfit I was setting out, I realized it'd need different colors for the ears. 
Um- five different set of mouse ears for each day? 
No thanks.

So I had a brilliant idea while staring at a cheap pair of Mouse ears at Walmart...why not make ONE pair of ears that I can change out the colors on???

Seriously. It's probably been done before but I was pretty proud of my genius idea. 
Thus...the interchangeable mouse ears!!

Here's what you need to make your own: 
*Mouse Ears (I got mine at Walmart for less than $5!!) 
*Black Felt
*Hot Glue Gun
*An assortment of bows on alligator-type clips. 

Here's what mine looked like from Walmart...

I wasn't wild about the wimpy bow on the ears that I bought- Minnie bows should definitely be bigger and blingier!!
But the ears themselves were pretty cute and not super cheap looking, so that's all that's important for this. 

So first things first, remove the bow that's attached to the ears. 
After removing mine, there were a few hot glue spots from where the bow had been attached. 
No problem, peel it off the best you can and then just flip those ears over. 
They were hardly noticeable anyways. 

Here's mine right after pulling the bow off and before I peeled off some of the glue residue...

After pulling the bow off, take your black felt and cut a small rectangle from it. 
Have your hot glue gun heating up while doing this. 

Take your felt rectangle and wrap it around the headband in the space between the ears. 
Only apply glue on the back side and underneath the rectangle. 
That way there's a little hole at the front of the ears- big enough to slide a clip through.

Here's what mine looked like after adding the felt rectangle-

Now here comes the complicated part...

Um. Wait. 
There IS no complicated part. 
You are DONE. 

Now all that's left is to start clipping on some bows!!
Choose bows that have alligator clips- the ones I like are the longer ones. 
Here's the back of one of the bows I'm using...

Now start going crazy with adding bows to your new blank canvas!!

I added two of my mini sparkle bows from my favorite bow shop here to create little pigtail mouse ears. 
The bigger ones are the perfect size for the ears too!!

Cotton bows & huge bows still look just as cute!!

I'll have a super easy tutorial on how to create some easy non-sew bows soon!!
My favorite thing about this project (besides the fact that it took less than 5 minutes to do!) is that I can mix and match any of the bows in our collection for a new look!!

Now we have ears for every day of the week!
Meeska, Mouseka, Micky Mouse!!

I'll be out this next week while we enjoy our time at Disney but I can't wait to share pictures of our trip & all the fun outfits I created for the kids!!

Happy Thursday friends, enjoy your ears!!!

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