June 28, 2016

Dresser Turned Entertainment Center

We are home!!
We officially took Disney World & Universal Studios by storm last week and had a blast!!!

It was hot and super busy but the kids (and us!) had such a great time. 

If you want to see some of the cute Disney outfits I made for the kiddos, join me on Instagram here & check out all the cuteness!!
Instagram is the best place to keep up with all my day-to-day craziness in case you get bored waiting for me to post :) 

I've been dying to share this piece with you FOREVER!
But I've never had a great chance to get good pictures of it until now. 

When we were in the old house, we desperately needed a better solution for an entertainment center- we had been using just a generic Target one for a long time and it was working ok, but I was dying for more storage and something a little bit prettier on the eyes. 
We had searched for something pre-made for a long time but never found something that fit our small wall the tv was on AND was cute. 

So finally, I had some luck when hubby brought this guy home one day...

The funny thing was that when he bought it, I never even thought about using it as our entertainment center. I just loved the size of it and knew it would be a fun makeover. 

But remember this gorgeous planked dresser I did several years ago? 
Well it popped into my head one day when I was working on a different piece and I immediately had to measure this dresser to see if it would fit our space!!
And it did!!
I love when things all fall into place :) 

First up was sanding the heck out of it. 

It needed a lot of sanding love. 
I added wood filler into some of the deeper grooves to help smooth the surface out. 
Then we needed to remove the drawers and supports from the top shelf area. 

We used the jigsaw to remove the supports. 

And the drawers were in too perfect of condition to just throw out so these were the ones that I turned into the adorable picture holders for Baby M's first bday party! 
Check out how to make your own here

So after the supports were removed, we needed to make the planks for the shelf we were adding. 
I made them in the same way as I did on our previous planked dresser

We used simple pine planks that we cut to size and sanded down. 
Then I stained them in my favorite dark walnut stain. 

Don't install them until after you've painted though!
It would definitely be a pain to have to tape off and paint around them after they were installed :) 

Speaking of paint, I wanted a gorgeous, glossy finish on it so I went with Valspars pre-mixed glossy enamel paint in satin white. 
It gives a beautiful, hard finish in a crisp white that I love. 

The other big thing I did to change the entire look of this dresser was to add updated hardware. 
I can't emphasize ENOUGH about how big of a difference simply changing the hardware can make!!

I'm a Hobby Lobby hardware addict so of course I found the most gorgeous pieces there for this piece...

I mean, the knobs are fantastic but LOOK at those pulls!!
Are they not just drop-dead gorgeous??

They were the perfect finishing touches to add to the lower drawers. 

Ready to see the entire finished piece?

Helloooooo gorgeous!!!
Isn't she pretty??

Now, if you noticed, that wall behind it is NOT small by any means.
That's because I made this piece for the old house but didn't get a chance to photograph it until we moved. 

I'm just in love with how it turned out though!!
The crisp white finish against the dark walnut  boards is just perfect. 
We drilled holes in the back along the shelf to allow cords to go through. 
So it perfectly holds our DVD player, Xfinity box & our surround sound receiver. 

Although when we moved, we also acquired a brand new surround sound system which has the MOST pieces of anything ever. 
I mean, I never realized how many pieces you needed to get sound. 

AND our sweet little dresser is a bit dwarfed on this larger wall. 
And we won't even talk about how silly the size of the TV is in proportion to the entertainment center. 

So it's the saddest thing ever, but we've decided that it probably won't be able to live at the new house with us :/ 

The good news is that I have found the most BEAUTIFUL piece ever to replace it with. 
It's a lot bigger with gorgeous details.
AND it can hold some of that crazy surround sound equipment a lot better than this little guy can. 

I'm super sad that we are going to have to say goodbye to this piece but I'm hoping that I can find it a great home!!
If you're local, it'll be up for grabs soon :) 

And I'm super happy that the new piece will still allow enough room for Baby M's table to sit next to it.
Because she just loves that little table.
If you missed the makeover story on it, you can check it out here

I already have plans to incorporate those beautiful pulls on the new piece though, so don't worry. 
They are definitely my favorite part!!

Wanna know the truth behind the cute decor on top?
We moved back in October and I haven't yet decorated over here because I knew we'd be changing the piece out. 
I hate decorating and finding a set-up that I love just for it to get changed all over again so I just didn't bother with it. 

But then I needed pictures of it. 
So I threw a few things on top & ugh! I love it. 
So I guess it'll stay until I have the new piece ready to decorate :) 

I snagged that cute golden globe over at World Market while we were in Florida last week, isn't it cute?? 

Anywho, now that I've shared all my secrets, ready for the Before & After? 
It's amazing what it looks like now!!

I'm just in love with how this piece turned out and it really was the perfect little entertainment center for us in the old house!!
I know it'll be perfect in its' new home soon too though :) 

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