June 06, 2016

Gorgeous Grey Dresser Makeover

It's time to start delving back into some fun furniture makeovers!
I have so many to share with you and so many more to come!!!!

This dresser makeover is one of my most favorites- which is crazy because I started out thinking it'd be sort of boring. 
I guess that's what came to mind when I thought of grey- but I really wanted to try it and I ended up LOVING it. 

I bought this beauty off a yard sale site on Facebook and knew it would look gorgeous glammed up a bit. 

Pretty basic looking, right? 

I had been dying to try out something in the grey family and I decided to go with a gorgeous color called "Steel Wool" by Benjamin Moore but I had Sherwin Williams color match it. 

It's a gorgeous dark grey- without being too dark. Because I knew I wanted to play with the finish a little bit. 

After sanding it down, I removed all the drawers and hardware. 
It was missing a pull but I had bigger plans for it anyways. 

I just love the little bun feet on it!!!

The whole piece was painted in the Steel Wool- 2 coats did the trick. 

Then the fun came :) 
I decided I wanted to try glazing over the paint color to deepen the look and give it a 'murky' (?) kinda of finish to it. 
I was nervous at first but it turned out so gorgeous!!

If you look in the picture above (it was super hard to get a good picture of it), the left side drawers were only painted in the grey paint. 
The right side drawers had been painted and then glazed. 
You can see the black streaks across the top two drawers- it just gives it a deeper look that I loved!!

Want to see the finished result??

I know, right??
It was so pretty that I briefly considered changing my whole decor scheme just to accommodate it in our house. 
No such luck though.  


The pulls on the bottom four drawers were original to the dresser.
Fun story was that one of the pulls was missing the backing piece- the round medallion that holds it in place. 
I had the HARDEST time tracking down just that one little piece. 
You would think it'd be easy to find- that a bunch of those hang pulls would have that same backing piece. 

After fruitless searches at local stores, I finally braved ordering a piece on Amazon that looked similar to it in the picture.
And it WORKED!!

I replaced the top drawer pulls with gorgeous mercury glass knobs. 
They gave the dresser a little bling without overdoing it. 
I have a thing for mismatched hardware for some reason. 

The glazed finish really gave the piece that extra bit of sass that was just perfect.
I love how it settled inside the grooves and detailing along the top.  

I imagine it as the perfect buffet or entryway piece. 
But it would do beautifully in a bedroom or nursery too. 

The sweet couple that ended up buying it were deciding where best to put it to- but I bet it looks amazing wherever they added it!

Want to see my cute little helper??
She loves grabbing tools and doing what momma does!

Now for some awesome before and afters!
It was just fine before but it's looking so much more chic now. 

Grey is so amazing- it can be the perfect neutral or the perfect bit of drama in any room you put it in!!
And my oh my does it pair well with milk glass and greenery. 

How do you like the after? 
Anyone else dabbling in greys lately? 

Happy Monday friends!!
Can't wait to share some more makeovers with you soon!!

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  1. Great transformation! - I really love the colour and how you have the mismatched hardware :)

  2. What a great transformation! I love the color you chose and the hardware. It is amazing what a little paint can do!

  3. Paint is just the best, right? Thanks for sharing at the Talk of the Town party!

  4. Love the gray you chose, it turned out really beautiful!


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