July 03, 2016

Quick & Easy "Land That I Love" Centerpiece

If you guys swung by here a couple days ago, you may have noticed that I decorated our foyer in red, white & blue for the Fourth!

If you haven't had a chance, you can take a peek at it here

One of my favorite new additions to my decor this year was the super cute "Land that I Love' piece that I altered to make into a centerpiece. 

Didn't it turn out cute? 
And it was one of the easiest things ever to throw together!!
I'm a terrible blogger though & didn't take pictures as I was going, so I don't have a great before picture to share :/ So sorry. 

Here's a great pic of what the little USA sign looked like before I messed with it, courtesy of Mad in Crafts
Check out how she transformed her wooden sign into a cute wreath for her patriotic porch- I love seeing all the different things you can do with things!!

I picked up this cute wooden sign from the Target Dollar Spot at the beginning of the summer and knew it would be perfect in a fourth of July display!
Here's the run-down of the items I used:
Wooden sign: Target Dollar Spot
Red Scrap Fabric
Hot Glue Gun
White Paint
Wooden pallet style sign 

First things first, create your 'backdrop' for your sign to be on. 
I ended up using the back of a sign that I already had and wasn't using. 
If you don't have random wood lying around, a cabinet door would work great or create your own pallet sign using 1x4s and a nail gun. 

I painted my backdrop white to let the wood color of the USA sign pop against it. 

After creating the back piece, let's work on the wooden country itself. 
In order to make the words really stand out, I wanted something behind it that would be colorful. 
I dug through my fabric stash and found the perfect red and white polka dotted design. 
I laid the fabric across the back of my sign and hot glued it into place. 
So quick and it makes a big difference! 

Isn't the color from the fabric perfect for highlighting the fun cut out words?? 

To put it all together, just add a few dots of hot glue to the edges of the wooden sign and attach it to your backdrop. 

Then either just lean it against your display or use an easel like I did to make it the star! 

The best thing is that the hot glue doesn't make it super permanent so if I decide to use it in another way next year, it'll be easy to change up! 

Gotta love the dollar spot. 
When I see certain things like this cute wooden country sign, I'll snatch it up even if I"m not 100% sure what I"m going to do with it. 
At some point, something fun will pop into mind!
Sometimes just having inspiring things lying around are enough to spark some quick creativity!

Hope you guys are having a great Fourth of July weekend so far!
I have one more quick project I want to share with you before tomorrow so I may be back later today :) Be on the lookout!!
Happy Fourth!

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