October 17, 2016

Fall Front Porch Decor

I'm finally able to start jumping on the fall band-wagon when it comes to decor!!
It has just been so HOT here that it hasn't felt like fall at all. 

I finally dragged out some fall decor a few weeks ago so the front porch could at least fall like it was supposed to be fall. 
I wasn't brave enough to drag out real pumpkins though because. Hot. 
They'd become really soft, gooey pumpkins really quick. 
Not so much the look I'm going for. 

I was so excited to get to decorate the new house for fall for the FIRST time. 
The thing I fell in love with first when we first saw the house was the entry way. 
I LOVE the staircase & the gorgeous front door entry. 

I knew it'd look gorgeous all dressed up for fall.
And I was right!!

The blue door, the brick stairs, all the pretty fall colors!!! Make my fall loving heart sing :) 

I wanted something simple but full of fall layers for the front area. 
I found that piece of barn wood lying in the garage leftover from a recent project and knew it'd be perfect for a quick sign. 

It was a very quick & rough sign- I wanted it to look old & worn so no worries on making it perfect! 
My favorite part is the leftover hinges that would never come off anyways. 
I have a thing for hardware. 

I layered several pieces of worn barn wood in the back and then leaned my quick & easy "blessed" sign at the front. 
The wooden shutter & sign are propped up on an old ammo crate I had in my stock pile. 

If I couldn't have live pumpkins, I knew I wanted some mums and these didn't disappoint! 
They bring all the gorgeous colors to the whole set-up. 
I popped a yellow mum into a square basket I had, threw a scrap of linen in & strung a tiny plaid banner I threw together across it. 

I drove a nail into one of the pieces of barn wood so it could hold my charm wreath from a few years ago. 

The makeshift broom was one of my most favorite DIY projects from our Harry Potter Party we did a few months ago. Check out the full DIY here

I'm in love with my bucket handle wreath still & knew it had to grace the front door this year. 

Several more mums line the brick stairs as you're walking up. 

The faux pumpkins are from lots of places- I love collecting them :) 
The tiny white one is a Target dollar spot find. 
The twine & rope pumpkin was from Big Lots & the glam pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby. 

Now for fall weather to decide to come & stay. 
This girl would be so happy!!

And maybe, just maybe, I could throw in a few real pumpkins if it would cool down!! 

I hope you enjoyed my quick fall porch tour- hopefully I"ll be motivated soon to get the rest of the house glammed up for fall too!! 

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