October 12, 2016

Harry Potter Mantle & Room Decor

Hello sweet friends!!

I've been DYING to share this mantle set-up with you for forever but have just not gotten to the point where I could get pics of the whole dealio. 

Aren't you excited?? 
I mean it's HARRY POTTER. 

Do you remember our epic Harry Potter Party from last spring? 
If you haven't had a chance to check it out, I would LOVE for you to.
It definitely goes down into our party history as the most fun & most extensive DIY party we've done yet. 

Maybe because momma got to geek out a little on the decor. 

But I knew that we'd be using a good bit of it in Little Man's room to jazz up his space since he's a huge HP fan. So party decor doubled as room decor. Score.

Plus we were planning a trip to Disney world that we took in June so we were also stocking up on HP costumes & what-not for that adventure :) 


When we moved the Harry Potter decor into little man's room we had the coolest area ever to work with. 
About a year ago, hubby carried this AWESOME and super heavy discarded mantle nearly a half mile to bring it home for me. 

That's love, gals. 

And we turned it into a headboard. 
Really, I"ll be doing a completely separate post on that later but you're going to see full pics of it today so I thought an introduction was in order. 
I'll be sharing the how-to and the before/after soon, I promise. 

But it turned out to be one of the coolest things in his room!
Not to mention, it was the perfect staging area for all of our Harry Potter goodies. 
Think Floo Power, friends. 

Let's check out all the Harry Potter goodness, shall we?

I mean, the perfect staging area, right???

All the signs, banners, books & bottles were DIY projects, guys. 
Let's definitely call this entire set-up a labor of love. 

I love the little 'expelliarmus' banner draped on the side. I asked Little Man if a banner was okay (he's almost 10 so you never know) and he said 'um, yea mom, it's a spell." 
Oh well, duh. 

I messed around with a lot of different looks before I settled on this one. 
I couldn't decide if I liked the asymmetry to it, I typically go for one larger centerpiece & build out.
But this one just seemed eccentric & eclectic enough to be Dumbledore approved. 

Oh, and don't worry, we'll be talking about that light set-up soon too. 
It was a not-so-simple simple DIY we are just in love with.
And one of those that you never thought would actually work! 

The trunk is another project I"ll share the step-by-step on soon.
I love how we were able to incorporate a trunk into the room decor. 
Trunks are the only way to transport all your wizarding things, guys. 

And the nice thing about emulating Harry Potter is that we don't have to keep things all perfectly neat. 
Perfect for a little boy. 

I really didn't have a rhyme or reason as to where everything went- I placed the larger signs first and just kind of layered around them. 
I used our spell books, blocks, wands & house banners to accent everything. 

And I"m thinking that even if you don't have a mantle headboard or a little one to utilize Harry Potter decor on, throw it all together for an amazing Halloween/Fall set-up. 
How perfect would that be? 

Or add just a few pieces into your fall set-up to give it a little Hogwarts flare. 

What do you think of our fun mantle?
Inspired to dig into your wizarding skills and DIY some fun items for your Halloween mantle?

Links are found below to several of my DIY items you see above!
Happy crafting :) 

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