October 14, 2016

Toddler Room Revamp

It's been a little while, huh? 

Guys, managing an Etsy shop, a full-time job, dance classes, soccer, furniture customers & other custom orders is NO JOKE. 

It's been a HUGE learning process this past month on how much I can handle & how to balance it all. 
I'm still not all the way there yet but I'm learning.
And hopefully things will settle soon. 

In the meantime, I'm trying so hard to get photos done & edited to get some projects up here on the blog. 
Sorry for the long absence :/ 
I'm hoping to be sharing a bunch of fun fall projects & decor soon!
One of our big things this month has been transitioning Baby M from a nursery to a toddler room. 
Insert ugly crying here. 

I've been avoiding it as long as I could because I just love her room. 
When we moved last October, we basically just transplanted her nursery from the old house into the new house- the only thing that didn't transfer well was the vinyl herringbone wall. 

Two major things happened over the summer that made it so we couldn't avoid the toddler transition anymore. 

1. Toys. Guys. So many toys. I was going crazy trying to keep them organized. Mostly books & Puzzles. So she desperately needed more room for organizing all the play things. 

2. She started climbing her crib. Not a whole lot. But enough that it made us nervous. We took the front off of her convertible crib for a few weeks and that worked well. But we knew we needed something a bit more permanent soon.

The BIGGEST thing that pushed us to revamp her room was the bed. 
I had searched forever for a toddler bed that I liked that was cute, affordable and not plastic. 
Not as easy as you might think. 

We didn't want to jump right to a twin bed because we still wanted plenty of room for playing. 

Insert my sweet friend who decided to sell her custom made toddler bed AND all the handmade toddler bedding. 
It was meant to be. 

I immediately texted her and said that baby M NEEDED it :) 

So the quick revamp began!

First things first, the bed was moved in so we could see how much room it took up. 
The custom bedding was all light pinks & gold which went almost perfectly in the room. 
I layered some of her dark pink pillows & blankets in to pull in the darker pink that was mostly in her room. 

After we moved the bed in, the decor above the bed just didn't seem to flow as well anymore.
I was more than happy to take down the herringbone wall from behind the crib in the nursery- it didn't transfer to the new house as well as it went up in the old house. 

I switched out the wooden circle her monogram used to hang on with a huge painted oval frame. 
Remember it as the focal point from her party?

I just repainted it (paint is so wonderful!!) with her lighter mint blue and then added fabric to the inside.
The fabric was perfect for pulling the hot pink, light pink & golds all together. 
I spraypainted the monogram gold because the hot pink that it was before didn't look great inside the frame. 

The frame filled up the empty area above her new bed perfectly. 

We moved her large rocking chair out (so many tears with that one!) and moved her end table to beside her bed. 

Her teepee still stayed because... it's the best. 

It's the perfect reading hideout and the perfect place for the kitties & pup to take naps in. 

Her lovebug & little darling signs still hang on either side of the bed. Luckily those won't go anywhere for a while :)

Her gold rocking chair from her nursery still sits in the corner too. 

The collage wall & bench haven't changed much. Although we've added quite a few books to her basket over the past two years. 
And had to fill up a bookshelf as well :) 

As I said, we needed more room to store toys & books, so we added a small $20 bookshelf to the corner where her rocking chair used to be. 

I added the same fabric from the frame to the back and it added so much instant color & personality to that corner. 
Her princess castle, puzzles & books have a much better home now :) 

Her pretty pink dresser still resides in her room too. 
We just removed the changing pad and added storage for her bracelets & hair accessories. 

It was fun shopping the house & garage for new items to make the room feel a tiny bit more grown-up for Baby M. 

She is in LOVE with her new 'princess bed' and has to show everyone that comes in the house! 

I was blessed enough to be able to trade furniture painting services in return for the bed and bedding.
And the frame was lying around waiting to be used :) 

The only things purchased for her new room were fabric for the frame & bookshelf and the bookshelf itself.
A whopping $25.00 to revamp her room!!
I love thrifty makeovers and it's such a huge change- at least for us!!
I"m loving her new room but still super sad to lose all the 'baby' items. 
I still can't believe she's already two. 

Hold onto those babies, lovies. It's true what they say about time going so fast. 

I can't wait to share some fall projects with you guys soon- I have pieces of several of them lying around at the moment :) 

Now for that fall weather to finally kick in. Come on, Arkansas!!

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