May 02, 2017

Green & Black Nerf Birthday Party {With FREE Printables!}

If you've stuck around the blog at all for the past couple years, then you know that right around this time of year is always when I start posting birthday party posts!

One of my favorite things ever during the year is planning and putting on a fun birthday party just for my son. He comes up with the theme and then we both work on coming up with fun ideas for it to bring it to life! And this year had to be extra 'cool' because he was turning double digits. 

It took him a while to come up with the theme for this year because he still likes a lot of the same things from previous parties. 
We did Harry Potter last year. 
And apparently I failed to post our epic Pokemon birthday party. (I'll fix that soon!)

And to be honest, the Harry Potter party was SO much fun last year that we had a hard time thinking anything could top it. 

But this party ended up being fun in completely it's own way!
And thankfully the weather held off just enough to keep it cold & misty but NOT raining. Hallelujah. 

Want to check out our awesome Nerf Gun party & Obstacle Course? 
If you're here for the printables, be sure to scroll all the way down for instructions on how to print & what you can get :) 

The table set-up was fairly easy because it needed to be rustic, thrown-together & natural looking. With bursts of green & black of course :) 

The green & black crates were in the party section at Hobby Lobby & were the perfect sizes to fill up with snacks! I added vinyl & DIY transparency rub-ons to them to make them into mini ammo crates. 

For a quick tutorial on doing your own rub-ons, find it here

And you'll find the cute food tags as free printables at the bottom of this post :) 

Our foods consisted of: 

-TNT bundles (licorice with a printable wrapped around them)
-Gunpowder (Pixie Sticks) 
-Land Mines (Cheez-It Crackers) 
-Ammunition (Olives & Jelly Beans) 
-Orange Grenades (Cuties) 
-Brownie Bombs (Brownie Bites) 
-Green Gatorade & Water for the "Hydration Station" 
-Explosives (PopRocks- these were the favors and I forgot to get a picture of them- boo!)  

The "Mess Hall" sign was the focal point of the table set-up and was made with just a scrap piece of barn wood I had. 
I used my wood frame from my fall mantle for the back-drop for it and the black target sign. 

The black target sign was made from a repurposed cabinet door. And the ammo crate I've had for nearly 10 years now- it's one of my most favorite flea market finds! And, hello, it was made for this party. 

The cake was done by a seriously talented friend of mine. 
And the banners were quickly made from scrapbook paper and -get this- neon green tubing from some random jump ropes I found at the Dollar Store. Awesome, right? 

Another fun part was creating a 'Gear' and "Armory" Station. 
We used an old spool to pile up some of my brother's and Dad's Air Force items, plane specs, camo face paint, hair spray, bandanas and other needed 'gear' to set the playing field. 

We built an armory out of a scrap piece of pegboard and some 1x2s. I did a quick 'grey-wash' over the 1x2's to bypass having to stain them and still give them that rugged look. The pegboard got a coat of green paint. 

BONUS for the fact that now we have great Nerf-Gun storage at home. We're hanging the armory in the garage to hold all the guns & ammo. A mini black crate hangs on two pegs and holds a bunch of the ammo. 

Hubby gets ALL the credit (well, and dad too!) for creating the obstacle course!
He used hay bales and scrap wood for barriers & cover during the Nerf Gun war. 
We used pre-existing things like the Treehouse and playhouse for perfect vantage points. 

He also got super creative and created a ropes course to crawl through and under! 
These were such a hit!!

I created a few small games (again, no pictures- what??!) with jumbo army men from the dollar store and a ladder. Set the army men up & down the ladder and let the littler kids have some target practice away from the craziness!!

They also had a kids vs. dads Tug of War competition that was a hit. 

It was such a blast and the misty, muddy weather kinda made it even better!! 

Happy 10th birthday, little man! I sure love making fun parties happen for you!!!!

In case you were dying to know what free prints I have for you, here's the run-down: 

-Free Blank Nerf Invites
-Party Food Tags (Filled out and blank!) 
-TNT bundle print
-Caution: Explosives print (I folded these and stapled over Pop Rocks for favors!) 

Check each download out below & the tips on how I printed them. 

Tips: I printed these in Word, inserted each photo into the document and sized to about a wallet size so that I could get a bunch on one piece of paper.
Then I printed on white cardstock, cut and tied to each of my crates. 
Use the blank one in the download below to add your own wording/names. 

For the TNT bundles, print as 'wallet size' and MAKE SURE to uncheck the box 'fit to size' so it stays long. Cut, wrap around your licorice bundles & tape to secure. 

 Nerf Food: Gunpowder

Nerf Food: Land Mines

Nerf Gun Food: TNT Bundles Label

Tips: These are made to fit 5x7 sized invitations. Download your 'blank' invite below & fill in the missing info with fonts/information of your choice. 
If you'd like to add the same font, upload your photo to and use the font "Rokkit' for the body of the invite. 
Print on white cardstock for best results. 
Colors may vary depending on computer screen/printer you are using. 


 I hope you enjoy your free prints & all the fun pictures from our party!!
Happy Tuesday friends!!

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