January 30, 2018

A Week of Valentine Printables: Day 2 {Bracelet Valentine Printables}

I have the most AWESOME surprise for you guys today!!

Usually I leave my favorite until the end of the week but there's a special reason as to why I'm pushing it to today!! 

One of my favorite Valentine traditions to do with the kids each year is to come up with unique & fun valentines. 
We did Harry Potter last year. 
And these cute Pokemon ones another year. 

BUT believe it or not, I have yet to have had a chance to do some super fun girly ones!!
Little miss is finally at that age where she is super excited about giving out cards to her friends and these have got to be the most perfect, girly Valentines ever!!

It makes me even more excited that it incorporates one of my most favorite handmade shops ever, Brooklyn Rose Beads!!! 

Check these cuties out...

They are the cutest things ever!!! 

Snag yourself a couple of the gorgeous bracelets in her shop and get ready to have the cutest Valentines around!!

Here's the quick rundown on how to make them: 

Printable Cards (see below for the download link) 
Cardstock for printing
Bracelets (I highly suggest Brooklyn Rose Beads for these!) 
Washi tape
Scissors or cutter

First, print off your cards. 
My suggestion is to download and then go to your print options. 
I printed these as 3x5s and make sure to unclick the box 'fit picture to frame' so it won't distort the image. 
Make sure to select the number of images you want printed- mine printed 4 to a page.
Cardstock is HIGHLY recommended for this. You need the weight for a pretty print-out and for supporting the bracelets. Grab some at Walmart :) 

After your cards are printed, cut them out carefully with your cutter. 

Lastly (the fun part!) tear off small pieces of washi tape and secure your bracelets to each card right in the middle. Two should do it just fine. 

Suggestions for making it boy-friendly would be to grab some candy bracelets instead of the accessory kind! 

You'll have the hottest Valentines around!!
Not to mention be the Superstar mom in your own house :) 

There are three different designs, mix & match as desired!!

Click below to download your free print: 

I so hope you enjoy these!! 
Be sure to swing back around tomorrow for another fun Valentine freebie!! 

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