February 07, 2018

Simply Sweet Valentines Mantle

Let's talk Valentine mantles, shall we? 

As soon as Christmas came down, I was craving something light & pretty so we settled with an early onset of Valentine love around here :) 

I think it's pretty for winter too though! Every now and then, you just need a dash of pink. 

I stuck with lots of whites & neutral wood tones wish splashes of pinks throughout. 

You can find the simple how-to on this heart nail art here

That pretty little weathered, chippy candle holder was a flea market find and is seriously one of my favorite touches in most of my set-ups. 

This fun piece is a shiplap inspired backdrop that I like to use to change out different wreaths & hanging decor. I made it at Christmas, intending to gift it as a sign and it just so happened to be the perfect size for a wreath I needed to hang and it's just stayed :) 

I added the floral hoop I made for Little Miss' Belle party this past summer. 
I promise those pictures/posts will be coming soon. 

The pretty little weathered shelf was a Micheals find. 
The painted teacup is another piece from our Belle party- I redid some thrifted teacups to match our theme. More coming on those soon too :) 

These cute little marquee letters were Michaels clearance finds- under $4 for both! Score! That pretty metallic candle was a Target score.

The glittery books? Another DIY from our Belle party. It was amazing, guys. Be ready. 

I kept my tried and true "Crazy Love" sign that I made last year because it makes my heart happy. And the floral bouquet is a floral pick from Micheals that I wrapped in sheet music for a pretty touch. 

The pretty garland is from EmptyNestHomeGoods and she is amazing with party decor!!

There's our simple little Valentine set-up and I'm sure it'll be staying around longer than Vday so I'll be sure to let you know when it changes to full on Spring around here! 

Hope you guys are having a lovely week, see you soon! 

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