August 02, 2018

Master Bedroom Reveal

Let me preface this with saying that we've been living in this house going on three years now. 

While we have done MOST of what I want to do in the master, there are still some tweaks I'd love to do going forward so it's still a work in progress :) 
As are most rooms in my house at most times- lol. 

But I figured if I didn't show you now, I might never show you. 
And it's come a LONG way from the beginning so it's still quite the transformation. 

I figured I'd share the whole transformation today and then break off some of the smaller projects to share over the next week or so in small tutorials. 

Let's just dive right into it. 

Let's start with the horrific picture of the before- haha! 

This is pretty soon after moving in, trying to figure out arrangements, unpack and figure out what to change/order. 

I knew my color palette going into it :
Light grey, light aquas, whites and weathered woods. 

The master in our new house was gigantic compared to our last house- which meant that we really needed quite a few more pieces in order to make the room feel homey. 

I really wanted a vanity/make up area in one corner and then a reading nook/sitting area by the window. 

We finally put most of the finishing touches into the room this past spring and I finished painting the last piece for the room this summer. It's been a long time to get in order but I really had specific pieces/looks in mind and we saved for them :) 

We can chat more about each individual project as I share the reveal!!! 

Here's what it looks like now!!! 

Can we just say 'wow' together?!? 

I even did a double take when I dug up the old pictures of the room to do side by side comparisons. I couldn't believe how much brighter and happier it looked. 

Let's talk bed. 

This was one of first big purchases and things to save up for. 
The new room desperately needed something bigger than our old queen sized bed so we bought this gorgeous tufted upholstered king sized bed which was the focal piece for the room. 

You can find it here
The grey and white bedding as well as all the pillows (except the white square pillows) are from TJ Maxx/ Marshalls. 

One of the biggest changes for the room was just changing the wall color. Eventually we want this color throughout the house... but, well, time, details and money. 

We painted the walls "Grayish" by Sherwin Williams and updated the cream trim to a white based color with my favorite "Snowbound". 
This made a huge difference in brightening up the room! 

That sign is so incredibly fun and special to me.
And not just because I spent 5+ hours hand painting that sucker. 

The barn wood is all original barn wood from my sister's barn at her home. When she tore it down to remodel, we got a whole bunch of it.
It's incredibly heavy and gorgeous so it required some pretty serious hanging equipment but it's my favorite :) 

I'll give more before/after details of these pretty little tables coming up but they were a great garage sale find and were the perfect size to make a good statement in a huge room. We needed larger sized tables and I'm just in love with the curves on these guys' legs. 

The wall hangings above the tables are actually garden trellises from Hobby Lobby. 
I got them super cheap at a half off sale (I want to say under $20 for the pair!!!) and then hubby used the dremel to saw off the tiny stakes that were originally on the bottom corners. 

I painted them Snowbound to match the tables and the trims and then dry brushed some aqua into them for a little texture. 
These guys are some of my favorites. 
Under $20 for wall art and they are huge! 

I wanted something pretty above the tables but something that didn't take up a lot of visual space as the barn wood sign was really the heavier focal point. These were the perfect answer. 

The lamp bases were a TJ Maxx find- I'm obsessed with the weathered wood. 
And I recovered old lampshades with a simple grey & white pattern to mimic the bedding. 

This beautiful upholstered bench was another piece on my dream list. 
You can find it on Wayfair here
The only disappointment was that I was hoping for more of an aqua blue but it's definitely more grey. Which ended up working out because I love the addition of blue accents throughout. 

The books , lantern, tray and vase were all thrifted finds that I painted and redid. 
The blanket is from Target. 

One of my favorite parts of the room was adding a reading nook area. 
I'm a bookworm and knew immediately that I wanted to flank the windows with bookshelves. 

The bookshelves were a happy ending/nightmare story. 
They are my favorites from Target and I re-ordered the same ones we had originally had at the old house but I wanted them in white (the old ones were wood toned). 
After they arrived, one of the bookshelves was smashed to smithereens. 
And during that time (they had been on backorder so it took forever to get them), Target discontinued them. 

So getting a replacement one was a no go. 
I was devastated. 
We just so happened to go to our local Dirt Cheap store (a cheap re-sale type store) and they happened to have gotten a huge shipment of random Target shipments. Things that had been sent back or shipped incorrectly.
And wouldn't  you believe but they had ONE white bookshelf perfectly intact just sitting there in a shipping box at a fraction of it's original price. 

Yes, I did a happy dance right there. 

And that same day, they also had those gorgeous grey chairs from Target for under $40 for the PAIR. 
Sometimes you just win. And that was seriously the biggest shopping win day ever. 

The artwork above each bookshelf were cabinet doors/scrap wood that I painted and added quotes or song lyrics to. 
I'm such a word person and I love being surrounded by them :) 

These cute pillows will have a tutorial all their own soon!
I used hubby and I's handwriting to create personalized pillows for our nook and I love them! 

I kept our dresser from the old house and just updated it a tad.
It had already been painted white but I switched out the top drawer hardware for these pretty crystal knobs and then painted the lower drawer hardware white and distressed them. I wanted it more neutral, less busy. 

I figured I wouldn't edit out the TV cords. 
Real life, ya'll. 

One of my favorite little projects in the room is this "Moments" wall we created with two antique windows and another piece of salvaged barn wood. 

I added twine and clothespins to string our pictures across the windows. 
Blue painted letters were the perfect touch across the barn wood. 

This pretty little thing will have it's own post too. 
This vanity belonged to my grandmother and I just finished painting it this summer. 

It brightened up that corner so much and it's my 3 year old's favorite spot in the house! 

We added a standing mirror on the wall leading into the bathroom- mostly for me to do my makeup at :) 

But the natural wood trim was the perfect grounding piece all the color needed. 

And my DIY Vow Art hangs in the entry by the door. 

What a whirlwind. 

Want to see the side by sides?
I mean, talk about a huge difference!!! 

I still can't believe how far it's come!!!

When I talked before about different details to add, most of them are tiny things- pieces of decor to add or switch out and I'm still looking for the perfect thing to add on the other side of the dresser. 

New carpet or hardwoods will be the next thing to save up as kids and pets and previous owners have left the original needing some love. 

But for now, it's perfect for us. 

What do you think of the transformation?? 
I'd love to hear what you think!!! 

I'll be back soon with more in depth tutorials on some of the items in the room :) 

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