November 21, 2018

Pink Craft Hutch Makeover

So once upon a time there was this...pretty average looking china hutch. 
It was bought several years ago with the greatest of intentions to transform it into something amazing. 
Full of sass and character. 

And then it sat. 
It collected dust in a garage for a while until the family moved and finally had the perfect place for it. 
Actually, the room was practically made for it. 
It had finally found the perfect home. 
But it was still pretty average. 

It needed to be put to work immediately. 
It held all the things. 
All the odds and ends, unfinished craft projects, supplies, pretty little things that would probably, most likely, at some point be used for something wonderful. 

And so it held all the things. 

Until one day, years after it had been discovered and promised to be turned into something beautiful... it happened. 

The paint came out... the doors were taken off... and it's happily ever after began...

Ok, so I could barely keep a straight face while writing that... but it just kinda happened. 
So there's that. 


 But that's pretty much the story of this pretty little thing- it sat and sat and sat some more until I finally decided to plunge forward and give it a new little life to it. 

It's a beautiful piece and I know I'll have some haters about painting over that pretty wood. 
But as I 've said before, I'm a huge believer in having things in your house that make you happy and the after of this piece makes me SO happy. 

The dark wood dragged the whole bright, happy vibe of the room down and it just needed to lighten up a bit. 

As you can see, it holds all the things. 
All. The. Things. 

It holds all the odds and ends of my craft room and, yes, I know where everything is :) 

This summer I finally bit the bullet and took everything off to start prepping it for it's makeover. 

Doors and hardware removed... and a light sanding later... it was ready for paint. 

I opted to paint the backing of the whole thing in white because I wanted it to pop a little and break up the main color. Plus all the pretty things would shine against the white through those glass windows :) 

I used my all time favorite go-to white 'Snowbound' By sherwin Williams.  

For the body of the piece, I wanted a light pink color and it took me FOREVER to decide on a pink. 

For the main pink, I ended up going with "In the Pink" and then layering in some varying shades of pinks- both "Jaipar pink" and "Impaitens Pink" by Sherwin Williams. 

The above picture is with 1-2 coats on of "In the Pink". 
After applying the last coat, I dry-brushed my lighter and darker pinks randomly throughout for a slightly textured/layered paint finish. I also dry-brushed "Snowbound" back into it as well. 

And here's the gorgeous after...

I mean, isn't she beautiful? 
Instantly brightens up the room and makes everything seem so much less cluttered. 

The floors are not my favorite with it- but the floors don't stand a chance of lasting long term- this baby does :) 

I ended up spraypainting all the original hardware white because it just went with the pink finish so much better than the darker original colors. I plan on eventually switching out the pulls with some a little more modern at some point. 

I took the chance when putting everything back to reorganize/sort through things and sorted things into those pretty mint tins for storage. 
Strawberry baskets and clear stacking storage bins also take up some of the space :) 

It holds everything from paints, wooden odds and ends, clothespins, twine, punches, buttons... the list goes on. 

The doors below hold tons and are great storage. This particular cabinet door holds all of my 4 year olds craft supplies so she can grab things and create while mommy is working on 'pro-yects' too. I love seeing what she comes up with! 

And before you ask, yes, hubby is totally happy with it and doesn't mind this big pink piece sitting in our office space. 

Hubby and I both have our computer/work spaces in this room but he loves color, all color, and was excited for it to be brightened up! He was definitely made just for me :) 

Here's the pretty before and after shots that still make me gasp a little...

 What do you think? 
Do you hate me too much for painting over that pretty wood and turning it into a girly masterpiece? 

So excited to (someday) share the whole craft space with you! It's still a work in progress :) 

Until then, I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! 

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