June 11, 2019

Belle Inspired Birthday Party {Plus Free Printables}

I realized as I was going through and updating things that I had never posted Little Miss's 3rd birthday party and it's one of my absolute favorites!! 

She was Princess Belle obsessed (and still is, really!) and Mama was more than happy to oblige as Belle is my favorite too! 

There were so many fun pieces to this party and lots of easy projects to make it unique, gorgeous and budget-friendly. 

There weren't a ton of printable items that I created for this one but the ones I did make will be available at the end of this post! 

The table is always the focal point of what I decorate around. 
So let's start there... 

I found a gorgeous ruffly pink fabric that had metallic flecks throughout it at Hobby Lobby and bought enough yard to cover the table by overlapping them. 
I loved it so much that I went back and grabbed it in aqua too. 
It's so perfect for a soft, textured touch to the table. 

It's hard to tell in the above picture but I also layered a strip of gold rose fabric across the middle of the table too. 

I ordered two pink sequin tablecloths off Amazon that I used as the backdrop. 
These are perfect for table coverings too and have been used so much since this party! 

For the backdrop decor, I used embroidery hoops as the focal points.
Glitter dipped flowers and other faux roses mixed in and the large middle hoop had a large, glittery '3' in the middle of it. Looking back, I wish I had glued it straight in the middle with flowers on either side but it still looked gorgeous this way too! 
I hung all three across the backdrop from ribbon. 

The cake took center stage of the table. A simple but beautiful rosette cake did the trick (all the roses for Belle, right??) and I added a glittery cake topper and added a few of my favorite pink paper flowers around the base. 

I used books throughout the table to lift and elevate dishes and food for a pretty effect. 
I used old books, painted them pink and then dipped the spines in glitter. 
These are easily some of my favorite pieces from the party! 

I created a custom looking Beauty and the Beast book by painting it pink, dusting gold onto it and then adding lettering with gold vinyl. It's all in the details :) 

My favorite white teapot made an appearance on the table and I upcycled vintage teacups from Goodwill into being the perfect containers for food. 
These were spraypainted pink and then rubbed in gold for a pretty look. 
They are perched on top of a tiered candle holder painted gold. 

The rose is a wax rose we bought while in Silver Dollar City. It was perfect for being the Enchanted Rose since it stood up straight. We drilled a hole in the bottom of a glass cloche and put the glass back over it. 
Isn't it perfect for the Enchanted Rose?? 

Stacks of books made appearances everywhere. They are a weakness of mine. 

Food was light tea type snacks- macaroons, lady fingers, shortbread cookies and small peanut butter & jelly sandwiches into bite sized pieces. 
TJ Maxx and Homegoods proved to be the best place to find unique tea style snacks- and in the perfect colors too! 

I keep a collection of white dishes on hand as I love to use white on most of my table settings to keep it from competing with other colors. 

We had a handful of cupcakes as well- simple pink and vanilla with some cute toppers! 
Cupcake toppers are the easiest thing to make & are the perfect personalized touch! 
Grab candy sticks from Hobby Lobby (they come in a huge pack!) and simple print off your desired toppers. 
Hot glue together and stick them in. 

Do ya'll remember that tea cart makeover from a few years past? 
If not, you can check out that makeover here

I use it for so many of my parties- it makes the perfect drink cart. 
We made pink lemonade and then found the cutest little tea cups to add to our tea plates. 
This was easily the most favorite thing at the party. 
The kids loved filling up their teacups over and over. 

Tea cups were found at Smarty had a Party here
And the tiny plates were a Target find. 

The mantel sits right next to the party table so I added some pieces to go with the theme there too. 

I had this yellow frame from a previous project and just added vinyl wording to white posterboard to frame. 

Various brass candlesticks and a vintage looking clock were the perfect classy touches to become Lumiere and Cogsworth throughout. 
They double as the perfect props for photos too--

I added our large pink mirror and covered a canvas with rose fabric for extra touches too. 
My mom collects teapots so several of those made an appearance as well! 

The sparkly 'be our guest' banner hung from the fireplace. 

We had several games available for the kids including a Balloon Beast Race and, my personal favorite, sensory dough to play in. 

We found the perfect sparkly dough recipe (I can't seem to find it anywhere, I'll keep looking!) and made it the perfect Belle yellow. We hid rose beads throughout and had the kids dig them out. That dough lasted forever and was so fun. 
I bought tiny containers and put a bit in each with a couple beads and gave them as favors. 

So now that you have the rundown on all that-- on to the printables!

There were only a few from this party- very simple invitations, cupcake toppers, the Princess Putty sign and the simple label I printed and glued to the containers for favors. 
All of these can be found linked to below: 

(simple add your own personalized wording and then print!) 


I hope you enjoyed this fun party we threw together- it's one of my favorites!!! 


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