June 04, 2019

Faux Brick Bathroom Update

Have you guys noticed a little bit of a difference around here? 
I took a big plunge and decided to merge my IG/blog/FB accounts under one umbrella & rebrand a bit. 

If you've been around a while, I'll still be delivering Tattered and Inked DIY, painting, crafting content as well as starting to delve into behind the scenes photography, some of the fun product photography I've gotten into as well as sharing Therapeutic fun activities for you to do at home with your kiddos! 

Hopefully things are easy to navigate and find- please let me know if you experience any issues with the new site, I'm still working out a bunch of the kinks! 

While you're having a look around at the new look, let's talk my most current project. 

I've had this idea in the back of my mind for almost two years now. We bought several faux brick panels to hang in the garage for photo backdrops- which have worked amazingly and I always wanted to install one in our kids bathroom to add some texture and interest to the wall. 

So we finally did! 

Isn't it fun?! 

It turned into a bit more (as always) once we started and we ended up swapping light fixtures as well. 

Here's what we were working with: 

This room is so difficult to get good pictures of- agh. 
But basically just a plain, painted wall behind the mirror. It's a large space and I thought it'd be fun as more of a feature wall. 
I am not in love with the light fixtures around the house and we've slowly been changing them out to ones that are more our style. 

Hubby was such a sweetheart and when I, on a complete whim, started taking things down to see if the panels would work, he didn't even bat on eye. He got in there with me and knocked out the project in an afternoon. He even agreed immediately that we needed a new light. 

It's already better without the light, right? 
And a little better example of the wall color- my all time favorite, Mint Whisper by Sherwin Williams. It's the perfect light, minty blue. 

We ended up just using the panels we had out in the garage already. I've not been using the both of them nearly as much and the piece I did use didn't need to be big. 
These were originally a red brick color and I had painted them white a couple years ago. 

We measured and then cut them to the size we needed- making sure to cut a hole for the new light fixture. I sanded the edges to make them more smooth after cutting. 

These were easily installed with screws- I didn't want any sort of adhesive in case we ever wanted to take them down. And they felt very secure with just the screws. 

Ours are painted 'snowbound' by Sherwin Williams and then I had distressed them with my sander. These have taken quite the beating- tons of photoshoots, props hanging on them, paint being thrown at them- so they've lived the real life :) 

Next up was figuring out the light fixture. 
Now, I'm no electrician so don't quote me on this. 
But we couldn't find a single wall mounted fixture we loved and didn't really have the budget to hire someone to rewire things for the ceiling... so I came up with this crazy idea. 

We bought a ceiling mounted fixture, attached it to the wall and then swagged it from the ceiling. 
The effect is the most perfect rustic, loft-like feel ever. 
I'm obsessed. 
This fixture came from Lowes and incorporated the oil rubbed iron feel from the rest of the bathroom fixtures plus got rid of the yellow lighting by changing the bulb and getting a clear shade. 

So want a peek into the whole thing now? 

I kept all the same elements of decor that had been in there previously- just re-arranged a touch. 
Those cut drawers & basket are from Hobby Lobby. 
The jars, wooden water cover & the 'bath' sign were all flea market finds. 

I feel like the whole look incorporates so well with the rest of the room. Clean, simple with a touch of rustic charm. 
That 'Life is Extraordinary' was a roadside rescue from forever ago that I cleaned up and added words to. It used to sit on my mantle each spring but I loved how it filled up the space in here. 

Shower curtain was a World Market find several years ago. 

Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with this light??

The brick gives just the right amount of texture to the room. 

The mirror was originally in the house when we bought it but was a bronzy color. I painted it white several years ago and I'm loving the white on white look now. 

Not too bad for a spontaneous weekend project, huh? 

Are you loving the faux brick as much as I am? 

I have plans in the work for several new posts coming and I'm SO excited to get back into blogging a bit more regularly. 
I realized the other day that I completely skipped over posting about Little Miss's 3rd bday party two summers ago- it was the cutest little Belle-inspired party and I thought I'd share it soon even though it was from a while back. 
So I'll be back soon with it and several summer projects I have going!! 

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