June 24, 2019

Summer Embroidery Hoop Wreath

I told you I'd be back :) 

I thought I'd throw a little color into the mix and share my new summer wreath. 
We needed something colorful & happy to match the happiness of summer starting a few weeks ago in our household. 

Enter this cutie...

It was so fun to put together and fairly easy! 
The longest part was creating those faux snow cones- but Little Miss and I had a blast doing them! 

Here's what you need: 
*Embroidery hoop- we grabbed a larger one but you can do any size you like! 
*Fabric (I chose a light color without a busy pattern)
*Styrofoam balls
*White Paper
*Vinyl in various colors 
*Various trims (I used a pom trim and loose poms to create my own garland)
*Diamond Dust glitter (I got mine at Michaels)

The first thing I did was to go ahead and hoop my fabric. 
I wanted to be able to play with the layout of things as I went along to know how much room I had for wording and such. 

Hoop your fabric nice & tight so it stretches across (I didn't even iron my fabric, hooping it tight enough can take all those wrinkles out). Then trim the excess off. I double layered my fabric since it was white and somewhat sheer. 

Start laying out your trims and items you want to decorate it with. I strung these cute loose poms onto bakers twine and then also used my pom trim. I just loosely laid these across in order to get an idea of how long I wanted them and how much space they'd take up. 

Now onto those cute snowcones. 
I knew I wanted them from the start- snow cones are a favorite part of our hot summers! 

The cutest tutorial for these guys can be found over at The Crafted Sparrow. She has a great tutorial for creating them into a garland. Check it out for the details :) 

This Diamond Dust is just magic and gave the perfect icy effect to them. The modge podge dried more than what's in the above picture but still gave a little illusion of white ice being under the color which I loved! 

After making all the garlands, I laid them all out again so I could see how much room was left for the wording. 

I created the file and cut out in various colors with my Silhouette. Then played with placement until it was perfect. I wanted it off centered and tucked in the corner a bit so the garlands would have room to shine! 

Then the fun part is putting it all together! 
Wording got ironed on and I used hot glue to attach the ends of each of the garlands to the back of the hoop. 

Extra pom trim served as the perfect hanger. 

And just how cute are those mini snow cones??
Little Miss kept saying 'oh this is adorable' as we put it together :) 

The bright colors were perfect for welcoming Summer in. 

I'm kinda loving how light it is- our last wreath was so heavy it thunked constantly. This one is light & breezy as summer should be :) 

I'd love to know your thoughts & if you attempt to make an embroidery hoop wreath this summer! 

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