July 12, 2019

DIY Faux Polaroid Photos with Instax 'Duds'

Ever thought how cool it would be if some of your favorite photos looked a bit more vintage? Or looked like a Polaroid image. 

I feel like these have made a come back in a big way lately and who doesn't love the fun look of Instax/polaroid images? 
My two daughters are obsessed with their Instax camera and it's so fun seeing what they come up with. 

When we first gave it to my 12 year old, we let her explore and experiment with it. Which meant there were a handful of underexposed/black photos that didn't work out as intended. 
Luckily for me, she's a bit of a hoarder too and had kept them anyways. 

When hubby suggested I use Instax film to hang pictures in the rainbow frames I had made for my upcoming almost 5 year old's party, I thought it was a great idea! I decided to use our 'dud' photos and create the same Instax Polaroid look but with photos taken with my professional camera. 

I'll give you the quick rundown in case you have some dud photos :) 

Items Needed: 
*Photo Paper
*Instax mini 'dud'/scraps/underexposed images
*Photos you are wanting to use 
*Spray adhesive
*Scissors/paper trimmer

Step 1: 
Print your photo you are wanting to use. I used regular photo paper run through my printer and printed small wallet size photos. Pick ones that have a little bit of room to trim them up a little to fit the polaroid windows. 

Step 2: 
Trim your printed photos to fit in the black window of your dud Instax photos. 
You could achieve a similar look by cutting white cardstock down to size and cutting your photos to fit where the photo area would be. It just won't have that authentic feel to it :) 

Step 3: 
Use spray adhesive to attach your photos to the photo area on your film. Smooth down. 

It's seriously that easy!!! 

I had made these fun rainbow painted frames from old cabinet fronts but had no idea what I wanted to put in them. 
I love that hubby suggested doing these style of photos!! 

I stapled lengths of ribbon to the middle of each door so I could hang the photos down the length of them. 

Mini clothespins held them perfectly!
Bonus points that my printer was running out of ink so they printed somewhat grainy- a happy accident to me because they gave a bit more authentic of a look. 

I usually decorate up the mantel for parties since it sits right next to where I put the food table. 
These pretties will be sitting up there showing pictures of our little cute throughout the past couple years! 

I'm in love with how pretty they turned out and how easy it was to turn 'duds' into 'studs'. 
Don't roll your eyes at me. 

So- don't throw out those underexposed instax photos! 
Turn your professional photos into polaroids too, it's a win win! 


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