July 08, 2019

The Plate Wall {Updated}

This post is so funny to me. 
Because little did I know that one of my most popular posts would end up being one of the simplest (I feel like, anyways!) 

Back in 2011, I posted some pretty awfully photographed photos of how I did a swirled plate wall in our old house. 
It has since been viewed almost 50,000 times and pinned a bajillion amount of times. 
So I thought it may be high time for me to give you an update on it since we've moved. 

I used the same technique as in the original post here
And the same hangers. 

But the configuration changed a smidge :) 

When we moved several years ago, I knew I wanted to keep the plate wall. I love the color, personality and texture they bring to the room. They stayed in our dining area and I thought they'd be pretty displayed over my, now, white buffet piece. 

I can give you the transformation information on that piece soon! 

I kept the majority of them- but swapped some of the black/white and brown pieces for lighter, whiter pieces with splashes of blue and yellow. 

Most of these were just picked up randomly while I was out shopping/thrifting. I love that they are all so different! 

And they change easily with the holidays, hanging a couple holiday inspired pieces to swap out some of the brighter spring/summer ones! 

I'm learning that my taste really revolves around lots of light/natural pieces mixed with wood tones and splashes of my favorite blue. I love that I can mix my eclectic pieces to make pretty displays. The top of the buffet houses a collection of found, made & bought items that make my heart happy. 

We get beautiful light in here so this whole corner stays cheerful :) 

I can give the whole dining room tour here soon if you're interested- let me know in the comments below. 

You can see my china cabinet transformation here- I painted it before we moved and fell so in love with it, I kept it for the new house :) 

I'll be back soon with more pretty things! 

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