August 11, 2019

A Quick Pink Dresser Update

This will be a quick & dirty kinda post. 
Just to show you the power of paint and tweaking a couple things on the effect of a room. 

We have this gorgeous, super chunky, vintage style dresser in Little Miss' room and when we first did her nursery, we painted it a pretty dark pink color. 
Which worked with the colors we had at the time. 

Over the past couple years, we've softed a lot of her room and when we went full on big girl room, her new headboard was a very soft baby pink rather than hot pink. 
And little miss actually decided she wanted to change her dresser (she's a little bit nutty for pastel colors lately) so we took that on this summer. 

Here's the pretty thing before in all of it's hot pink glory. 
We also had some printed song lyric/monogram frames above it that we just weren't feeling anymore. 

Luckily, a piece of her upcoming party decor fit the bill for that wall perfectly. 

Want to see how crazy difference the space feels with just an adjustment in paint color? 

You may not get the full effect of it as you when you are standing in the room but it was an immediate game changer. 
Made the room feel bigger, less cluttered (especially since we added a twin bed recently) and softened the mood of the room. 

The rainbow was a labor of love that I did just recently for her upcoming unicorn/rainbow party. 
Stay tuned for how I'm going to use it as the wow effect for the party area :) 
But it ended up being the perfect focal piece above the dresser. 

We left the dresser where it stood- it would have been a huge headache to move it- and just laid down cardboard underneath to paint on. 

I removed hardware, wiped it all down and just layered the paint on the existing coat. 

I ended up going with the lighter color I used in my previous pink hutch makeover called Impatiens Pink by Sherwin Williams. 

I wanted the lighter, more pastel color for this and it was perfect. 

Makes for the perfect pink backdrop for product shots too :) 

(flowers from Handcrafted Buffalo

All in all, it was a simple repaint project but we are loving the calming effect it brought to the room. 

Now that you've seen a peek into the room, who wants a full on post on her big girl room we did back in December? I'd love to show you around!! 

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